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Season 2 Episode 18

Bye Bye Birdie

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1993 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A woodpecker is a pecking pain in the neck for Tim. Brad blames a poor grade on Jennifer who refuses to let him copy her paperwork anymore.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Outtake: Randy says, "You know how sensitive Brad is," Jill laughs, and a crew member tells her she wasn't supposed to laugh.

      • Tim is testing out the remote control shark helicopter to hopefully get rid of the woodpecker. It starts to chase him, and he falls down several times. One of the times that Tim falls down, he leans on the ground to get up, causing the "grass" to bunch up. The "grass" looks more like carpet than actual grass.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Tim: You can't just go through life making other people do your work for you.
        Brad: What about Al? He does your work for you.
        Tim: Don't push me, fella.

      • Brad: I can't do it. I'm just stupid.
        Jill: The only stupid thing you did was try and cheat.
        Randy: Getting caught wasn't too bright, either!

      • Jill: (about Brad) Jennifer's his first love. It's hard when you lose your first love.
        Tim: You don't have to worry about that. I see mine every day.
        Jill: Awww, that's so sweet!
        Tim: You should meet her sometime.

      • Brad: I didn't do my math homework.
        Randy: So just copy Jennifer's.
        Brad: I can't. I broke up with her.
        Randy: You broke up with Jennifer? Why?
        Brad: She said I couldn't copy her homework anymore.
        Randy: Well, for twenty bucks, I'll do your math, and you don't have to date me.

      • (Brad tries to look sick so he can miss school)
        Tim: What's the matter with Brad?
        Randy: Well, he's dumb and he's got a dorky haircut.

      • Jill: You need professional help.
        Tim: I don't need an exterminator.
        Jill: I meant a psychiatrist.

      • Tim: That bird is mocking me. Look at him, sitting up there smiling.
        Jill: He's got a beak, he can't smile.
        Tim: Your mom's got a beak, she's been known to smile.

      • Tim: Math teaches us order. Without order, man just walks around in a dark maze with a labrador.

      • Jill: You're not going to use that slingshot on that poor woodpecker.
        Tim: I'm just gonna use a little pebble, hit him in the head, and take away some of his short-term memory.

      • (Brad has put the thermometer in a cup of coffee to fake a fever)
        Jill (looking at the thermometer): 108! I don't know whether to put you to bed or baste you.

      • (The woodpecker is keeping Tim awake)
        Tim: Can't you hear those annoying sounds?
        Jill (half asleep): I told you not to eat that bean dip.

      • Tim: That woodpecker's not building a nest out there, he's building a city. There's twigs everywhere. Skyscrapers, mini-marts . . . it's peckerville out there!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Tim: That bird is checking into the "Walter Lantz Clinic."

        Walter Lantz was the cartoonist who created Woody Woodpecker.

      • Tim: The denominator sounds like a Schwarzenegger movie, doesn't it? (imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger) I'm the denominator. I'll give your leg a compound fraction!

        The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Tim is thinking of is probably 1984's The Terminator.

      • Bye Bye Birdie (the episode's title) is also the name of a Broadway musical (1960) and a later film based on this musical with Dick Van Dyke (1963).