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Season 6 Episode 19

Communication Breakdown

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1997 on ABC
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Communication Breakdown
When the boys are using the phone too much, Tim has Dennis, Harry's son, install a second line.

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      • Tim: Hey Mark. (Mark doesn't respond) Mark. Do me a favor. When Mom comes home tell her I went over to Harry's for a minute.
        Mark: Whatever you say.
        Tim: I know you're angry with me because I disciplined you over the phone, right?
        Mark: And because you embarrassed me.
        Tim: You know, I probably shouldn't have done that. But that gave you no right to talk to me the way you did.
        Mark: Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry.
        Tim: Feel like playing by the rules now?
        Mark: Yeah.
        Tim: Then you can use the phone as soon as it gets fixed.
        Mark: When will that be?
        Tim: Well, very soon. Provided I don't get anywhere near it.

      • Jill: None of you is using the phone until we work out a system of phone usage for you boys.
        Tim: All right, listen up.
        Jill: Okay, it's very simple. (says this all in one breath) Each of you will be allotted 45 minutes a day of phone time, but you can't use it continuously, unless nobody else is waiting and of course none of these rules apply during peak calling times--
        (Randy, Brad and Mark try to follow her)
        Jill: --Which will be 9 to 5 on weekdays, all day weekend and any time your father and I are home. Also keep in mind, if you fail to use your daily allotment, you can't apply that to future phone usage.
        Jill: Does that sound fair, Tim?
        Tim: I lost you after, "It was all very simple."

      • (Tim tries to fix the phone)
        Tim: Uh-oh.
        Randy: Not a word you want to hear in this house!

      • Mark: By the time I get to use the phone, all my friends will be in a retirement home.
        (Tim pretends to cry)
        Randy: Mark, quit exaggerating. You don't have any friends.

      • Harry: Dolores, could you get Tim another beer please?
        Dolores: I just got off work, I'm starving to death, and my feet are swelled up like a couple of bloated toads!
        Harry: Is that a yes or a no?

      • Harry (about the video phone): Dolores loves it. I call it "Must Nag TV."

      • (Tim picks up the phone to tell Mark to get off)
        Tim: Mark, did your mother tell you an hour ago to get off the phone? Then stop the girly chit-chat and get off the phone!
        (Tim hangs up the phone)
        Tim: Big news! Katie likes Trevor!

      • Dolores: Toolman, I'm gonna glaze you that ham.
        Tim: Glaze away, baby!

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