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Season 4 Episode 2

Don't Tell Momma

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1994 on ABC

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  • What a funny episode!

    This episode was funny. The plot was halarious, and the Tool Time segment was very funny. I knew something funny was going to happen, and once again, it did. This episode was packed with laughs, because I personally, always enjoy an episode where one person hides something from another person, but makes constant reference as to what they are hiding throughout the episode to the viewers. This is a series classic, which will keep me laughing every time I watch it. The episode before this one was one of my least favorite ones, and one of the worst written I've watched. I'm very pleased that after that, came this.
  • A very hilarious episode!

    This episode is about Tim finding a scratch on Jill's car one day, so he plans to take it in for repairs after a special episode of Tool Time. But since Tim was operating a crane with a 3-ton beam (and you all know what happens when Tim takes the wheel) he accidentally destroys Jill's car. So when he takes it in for repairs, it will take a year to fix it up. My favorite parts were when Jill said her car looked like a hot dog bun and when Tim said to Jill it will take a year to get the scratch off. I'd say this was one of the better episodes in season four! Really funny!

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