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Season 5 Episode 17

Fear Of Flying

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Mark wants to take flying lessons, but Jill thinks it's too dangerous. Meanwhile Jill is taking piano lessons, but she isn't very good. On Tool Time, Tim and Al manage to spill paint all over Bud's new truck.

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    Pat Crawford Brown

    Pat Crawford Brown

    Mrs. Kluzewsk

    Guest Star

    Kenneth D. Bowersox

    Kenneth D. Bowersox


    Guest Star

    Kathryn C. Torton

    Kathryn C. Torton


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    Debbe Dunning

    Debbe Dunning


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    Charles Robinson

    Charles Robinson

    Bud Harper

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Al is backing up Bud's truck after driving it forward and knocking Tim down, you can see Al backing up using a shifter next to the steering wheel, not the one they show him using in the previous scene.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Wilson: Jill, as an experienced pilot, I can tell you there is nothing to be worried about.
        Jill: You were a pilot?
        Wilson: Oh yes. I flew spy planes during the war.
        Jill: You were a spy? During which war?
        Wilson: I'm not at liberty to say.

      • Jill: Hi, Mark. (Mark ignores her) You're still not talking to me? Oh, honey Look. Look. I got you something really cool. This is a P-38 Lightning.
        Mark: Keep it. I don't care about planes anymore.
        Jill: Well, couldn't you find another hobby?
        Mark: Like what-- stamp collecting?
        Jill: Well, that would be good. Or coins. Or paper weights. I, as a child, collected butterflies.
        Mark: I, as a child, could care less.

      • Jill:(to Tim) ONLY YOU could turn a trip to the museum into a journey to death!

      • (Wilson and Mark are flying a plane with Jill and Tim in the back)
        Tim: Wilson, is there anything I can do?
        Wilson: Yes Tim. I have a very important job for you. Take your hands, (Tim raises his hands) place them firmly under your butt, (Tim sits on his hands) and leave them there for the rest of the ride.

      • (Jill is playing the piano)
        Brad: I thought when you practice, you're supposed to get better.
        Randy: That only works when you've got a little thing called "talent."

      • Tim: Whoops.
        Jill: "Whoops" is NOT a word I wanna hear two thousand feet in the air! Oh my God. What's happening?
        Wilson: Tim just hit the mixture control that caused the engine to die.
        Jill: "Die" is even worse than "whoops!"

      • Mark: Mom, can I take flying lessons?
        Jill: Only if you leave your father at home.

      • Wilson: Jill, have you ever been up in a small plane?
        Jill: Of course. The Dumbo ride at Disney World.

      • Al: Congratulations, Tim, on your first intergalactic screw-up.

      • Tim: There's a lot of facts in here that say flying a small plane is safer than driving a car.
        Jill: Well, sure, the way you drive.

      • Mrs. Kluzewski: I've heard every excuse in the book. "I broke a nail." "The dog ate my music." "Had to go fight in World War II."
        Jill: Fighting for your country isn't a good excuse?
        Mrs. Kluzewski: Not for me.

      • Jill (about small planes): Those things are disasters waiting to happen! They're like Tool Time with wings!

      • Mark: Dad and I finished building our model airplanes.
        Jill: Oh, wow, Mark, your Spitfire looks great!
        Tim: How about mine?
        Jill: I think you should spit on it and set it on fire.

      • Tim: Al, guess what I have in common with all of these astronauts?
        Al: You've all had a fire lit under your butt and been shot into space?

      • (Al accuses Tim of trying to steal a tool from the astronauts during their previous Tool Time appearance)
        Tim: I'd like to introduce Commander Ken Bowersox, who's been with us before on Tool Time, with the Space Shuttle Endeavour last time.
        Ken Bowersox: Thanks, and for the record, I'd just like to say that you did try to steal that tool.
        Tim: And for the record, I'd just like to say that Bowersox is still a really funny name.

      • Jill: I'm going to play this until I get it right.
        Brad: All right, but don't blame us when you miss your grandchildren's weddings.

      • Mrs. Kluzewski: Jill, why do you want to play the piano?
        Jill: Well, when I was a child, everyone said I showed a lot of promise.
        Mrs. Kluzewski: Apparently that promise has been broken.

      • (Tim has built a model combination Spitfire and Mustang)
        Mark: I've never seen mag wheels on a plane before.
        Tim: Or a rear spoiler, or dual exhaust.
        Mark: Why do you need all that stuff?
        Tim: In case you pull up next to a guy on a cloud who wants to race, that's why.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Jill: Fishing is a hobby. Building model planes is a hobby. Flying kamikaze missions over Detroit? Not a hobby!

        Kamikazes were Japanese suicide pilots in World War II. They would crash explosive-laden aircraft into enemy targets. The word "kamikaze" means "divine wind."