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Season 5 Episode 14

High School Confidential

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1996 on ABC
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High School Confidential

Randy is not being challenged enough at his current school, so he has the opportunity to take some advanced classes. The problem is that he's now at Brad's high school for part of the day, and jealousy ensues. Meanwhile, Tim pulls out all the stops while designing the perfect


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      • Jill: I have to admit we were a little surprised to be called in for Randy. He's never been in trouble before.
        Mr. Moreno: We think the reason Randy's being so disruptive is because he's so bright. He's already ahead of the others.
        Tim: Then what are we doing here? Shouldn't you be talking to the parents of the dumb kids?

      • Jill: (to Brad) I remember when you were a baby, and you first started eating solid food. The spoon never got anywhere near your mouth. You had applesauce all over your face.
        Tim: And peas up your nose, which wasn't really attractive, because you sneezed a lot then.

      • Jill: Randy, teachers don't give detentions for nothing.
        Randy: Actually, they do. It's a new program. Just started.

      • (Tim accidentally demolishes an anatomical model in the science classroom)
        Tim: I just asked him one question and he spilled his guts.

      • Jill: My parents first got called in [to school] in seventh grade. Mrs. Minugin, home ec. She gave me a D in casseroles.
        Tim: So the problem goes back that far?

      • Tim: I love welding. You might say I carry a torch for it.

      • Randy: (about his teacher) He's cool. He doesn't mind if we call him Baldy.
        Jill: We had a teacher we called Baldy. (pause) She minded.

      • Tim: Your first A, that's really good news.
        Brad: Yeah, last year the only A I got stood for "absence."

      • Tim (about the virtual-reality system in the Man's Bedroom): While your wife's reading about Fabio, you can be racing at Indy with Mario.

      • Jill: Randy, this isn't like you at all, what's going on?
        Randy: Nothing.
        Brad: Bad answer, I would have gone with, "It wasn't my fault, it was the kid next to me."
        Tim: That never worked for me, I WAS the kid next to me.

      • Jill: How was your first day at high school?
        Randy: Fine, except for the guy who asked if I wanted a phone book to sit on.
        Jill: Did you tell the teacher?
        Randy: It was the teacher.

      • (Tim and Jill go to a parent-teacher conference about Randy)
        Tim: Relax, this is the first time we've been called in. When I was his age, my mom was at school so much, they thought she was an eighth-grader with a station wagon.

      • Jill: (to Tim) What's that smile about? Are you planning something sexy for us tonight, or have you been welding?

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