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Season 8 Episode 22

Loose Lips And Freudian Slips

Aired Unknown May 04, 1999 on ABC
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Loose Lips And Freudian Slips
Jill's thesis is before the committee. During Mark's student film viewing, Jill's psychology professor sees Jill criticize him and Jill is worried that this will affect the thesis committee's decision.

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      • Brad: (reading Jill's thesis) "When a mother tries to instill feminine ideology in her son, and the father presents a counter philosophy/ethos, it creates confusion in the adolescent male." Hmm. Sounds good to me.
        Jill: You understand that?
        Brad: No, but I'm a confused adolescent male.

      • (Mark's video is being shown to the class)
        Brad in the video: Hey Mom, how was your day?
        Jill in the video: You really wanna know how my day was?
        Brad in the video: Not really.
        Jill: Uh oh.
        Tim: What?
        Jill in the video: Well, it was going great. Until I had this awful conference with this horribly arrogant professor of mine.
        Jill: Please don't mention his name, please don't mention his name!
        Tim: You didn't, you didn't, you didn't!
        Jill in the video: Dr. Hanover.
        Tim: You did!
        Jill in the video: He's a pompous jackass, you know? He's smug. I mean, what's the deal with men, you know, and their comb-overs? I mean, this one is starting at his neck and stretching across.
        (Watching this, Jill looks shocked)
        Brad: Good one.

      • Brad: Mom, are you ever gonna get off the phone? I gotta make some calls.
        Jill: Use your phone.
        Brad: I can't. I'm downloading some hot pictures from Denmark--
        (Jill hangs up the phone and gives him a suspicious look)
        Brad: --of Danishes.

      • (Jill is on the phone with Gregory)
        Jill: Hello, Gregory?
        Gregory: Yeah.
        Jill: Hi, uh, this is Mrs. Taylor, Mark's mom. Great film.
        (Gregory is in his closet)
        Gregory: Are you kidding? I was so traumatized by the public viewing, I just spent two hours on the phone with an army recruiter.
        Jill: Interesting. Uh, Gregory, is your father there? I need to talk to him.
        Gregory: Uh, he's upstairs asleep. I think my film sent him into a catatonic state, and I don't mean Arizona.
        Jill: Well, Gregory, did your father stay and watch Mark's film?
        Gregory: Uh huh.
        Jill: Oh no. I feel so terrible. I really wanted to apologize to him.
        Gregory: Oh, for calling him a pompous jackass? Yeah, he was paged a couple of times, so I'm not sure if he saw that part, but, uh, I enjoyed it.

      • Jill: Oh my gosh! That's Dr. Hanover!
        (Tim laughs)
        Tim: Call him "Dr. Comb-over."

      • Brad: I can't believe I have to waste my Friday night watching your stupid video.
        Mark: It's payback for having to watch you kick your stupid soccer ball.
        Tim: Guys, this is what family's all about. You know, doing stuff together that you hate.

      • (Brad is lifting books with his legs)
        Tim: Let me guess: you're reading the footnotes?
        Brad: Yeah, that's very funny. I'm doing physical therapy for soccer. I gotta put some weight on my knees.
        Tim: Did you try standing up?

      • Gregory: I can't masticate in front of strangers.
        Tim: Who can?

      • Mark: (narrating his video) Meet my family. On the surface, we seem normal, but things are not always what they seem. (camera cuts to Brad scratching his behind with a spatula)
        Jill: Ew, Brad, that's disgusting!
        Brad: Wait until you see what I did with the spoon...

      • Mark: Hey, did you get a hold of your professor yet?
        Jill: No, and you know, this never would have happened if you hadn't videotaped me without my permission! Don't you know that's illegal?
        Mark: Yeah, except you did give me permission. I have it on tape.

      • Mark (narrating his film): And these are the Taylors. If they're the typical American family, this country's in trouble.

      • Gregory: There's nothing I enjoy more than playing chess with my father. Except maybe a cerebral hemorrhage.

      • Gregory: They call me a mama's boy! What kind of future do I have?
        Tim: I don't know. How good do you look in flannel?

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