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Season 8 Episode 9

Mr. Likeable

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1998 on ABC
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Mr. Likeable
Tim becomes unhappy when Al stars in a TV movie with Morgan Fairchild. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get the affection of the most beautiful girl in his class by listening to her talk about her problems.

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      • Mark: Well Brad, thanks to you, Erica hates me.
        Brad: What?
        Mark: Your stupid advice backfired. I should never have pretended to care about her feelings.
        Jill: So you taught him that?
        Brad: Look, I'm sorry Mom. I know you're disappointed, but if it makes you feel any better, I hurt when you hurt. (laughs)
        Jill: That's it. I'm canceling your subscription to Sassy.

      • Erica: And then he said, "Well, why didn't you tell me that before?" I said, "Well, I felt that it was obvious." And then he said, "Well, it wasn't that obvious to me." Isn't it obvious to you?
        Mark: Huh?
        Erica: I asked if it was obvious to you.
        Mark: Doesn't matter what I think. Just keep sharing your feelings and I'll keep listening.
        Erica: Well, I'd really like to know what you think.
        Mark: Well, I hurt when you hurt.
        Erica: What are you talking about? I'm not hurting.
        Mark: Well then, I'm not either.
        Erica: Mark, I want you to tell me one thing that I've just talked about.
        Mark: You used the word "obvious."
        Erica: That's what I thought. You know, you're even worse than my boyfriend. At least he's honest about not listening to me.

      • Mark: Hey Brad.
        Brad: What's up Mark?
        Mark: If a girl named Erica calls, tell her I'm not here, all right?
        Brad: What? Is she, like, the ugliest girl in junior high?
        Mark: Actually, she's the prettiest. I wish she'd just leave me alone.
        Brad: Wait, wait. There's no way you and I are related.
        Mark: I'd love to go out with Erica. It's just that all she does is complain about her jerk boyfriend.
        Brad: Mark, Mark, wake up. She's using you as her "shoulder to cry on." You know what that means, right?
        Mark: Yeah, she thinks I'm a girl!
        Brad: (laughs) No, no. She thinks you're a caring, sensitive listener. And when she finally breaks up with that jerk boyfriend of hers, you're in the pole position.
        Mark: All I have to do is sit on the phone and listen?
        Brad: You don't even have to listen. You could just pretend. Every so often, say lines like "I sympathize with your needs." And when you wanna whip out the big guns, try "I hurt when you hurt."
        Mark: This is so devious. Thank you!

      • (after Erica leaves, disgusted)
        Mark: But, I sympathize with your needs!

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