Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 23

Mr. Wilson's Opus

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Wilson becomes the director of Randy's school play but takes the fun out of it for everyone. When Tim later shows him the aluminum set he built, Wilson doesn't like it and orders him to rebuild a new one.

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  • Almost ever 90's comedy, had a Romeo and Juliet spoof. Home Improvement's take is nothing different of a great episode for a great show.

    Franco Zeffirelli's version of Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the best. The 22-minute Home Improvement is no major production, though it seems to be. Filled with comedy, plot, and fights, the episode is welcomed to the viewers heart.

    Randy is excited because he gets to kiss the "girl of his dreams"; Tim gets to build the stage out of aluminum siding; Wilson gets to direct. Everyone's dreams look to be coming true -- but if they did, we wouldn't consider the show a sitcom, now would we? Randy's problem starts with Wilson treating the actors like first-graders causing Randy to get the blame from his friends. Tim and Wilson argue over the "modern" style of the set Tim spent his time to work on.

    This is a rare episode where people actually get mad or upset with Wilson, and it's a great episode. Other developing stories, including Brad using his mothers own words against her add to the common feel casual Home Improvement watchers are accustomed to. Overall, a great, silly episode that is not to be missed.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Tim said that Al was hired after Tool Time started because no one wanted to watch him, but according to "Tool Time After Dark" and "Fifth Anniversary", Al was there since the Tool Time pilot as a second hand man, not to keep the show running.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Discussing Tim's aluminum siding set)
      Jill: Since when did Romeo and Juliet move to the suburbs?
      Tim: They were tired of all the sword-fighting downtown.

    • Wilson: I'm going to Greece next week for a fire-walking festival.
      Randy: Sounds like a hot time.

    • Mark: What does Dad know about Shakespeare?
      Jill: About as much as Shakespeare knew about tractor pulls.

    • Al: We'll be working with aluminum, or as I like to call it, AL-luminum.
      Tim: You know, you're the only one who thinks it's funny to put the word "Al" in every sentence.
      Al: AL be the judge of that.

    • Jill: So how's the new director working out?
      Randy: Well, let me put it this way. Five minutes after he arrived, I became a radish and got hugged by a big giant potato.
      Tim: What is this, dinner theater?

    • Wilson: Close your eyes and pretend you are a vegetable. You can be any vegetable you want. You can be a carrot, or a turnip, you can be very ambitious, you can be a radish . . .
      Sharon: Thanks a lot, Randy. I thought I was going to be in a play, not in a salad.

    • Jill: How would you like it if I directed your play?
      Randy: I think my mom directing me in a love scene could seriously screw me up for life.

    • Tim: Al uses the old carpenter's adage "measure twice, cut once".
      Al: Tim's adage is "never measure, cut yourself".

    • Wilson: Did you guys do something different?
      Sharon: I took out my retainer!
      Wilson: And Randy, did you do something different?
      Randy:: I got in touch with my inner radish.
      Wilson: Well, your performance was very crisp.

    • Wilson: Cease, my young players!

    • Tim: The first Romeo and Juliet set made with aluminum siding.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Randy: I didn't know he was going to turn the play into Romeo and Julia Child!

      Julia Child (1912-2004) was the famous cook who hosted The French Chef, one of the first-ever TV cooking shows. She also wrote cookbooks and magazine and newspaper articles.

    • Title: Mr. Wilson's Opus
      Reference to the movie Mr. Holland's Opus.