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Season 2 Episode 21

Much Ado About Nana

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1993 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When discussing handing out items from their old house, Jill's mother mentions sisters named Robin, Carrie, and Katie.  In season 6 episodes "Jill and her Sisters" and "Taps", we supposedly meet all of Jill's sisters, Carrie, Robin, Tracy, and Linda.  Also, Carrie visits in future episodes.  Other than in "Quibbling Siblings" in Season 4, there is never again any further mention of Katie.

    • Tim was upset that he always lost the race against the girl. He should have noticed that he couldn't possibly win when he only uses the outer track.

    • Outtake: A woman offstage tries to give directions during the car racing scene, but Tim and the children both have trouble following them.

    • Tiffany, the girl racing cars with Tim at the birthday party is played by Paige Tamada who we see again with Tim Allen when she appears in "The Santa Clause" as the elf who tells Santa, "Thanks but I'm seeing someone in wrapping."

  • Quotes

    • Nana (about her motivation to lose weight): Those Nana jokes on Tool Time were the best motivation a fat person could have.
      Tim: What jokes? I wouldn't make jokes about you on the air.
      Nana: Oh, really? Well, does this sound familiar? "What weighs 400 pounds, two ounces, and sings in the shower? Nana holding a bar of soap."

    • Jill: Just stay out of it, all right?
      Tim: All right. I'm neutral, I'm Switzerland, I have no opinion.

    • Wilson: The one truth that transcends all cultures is, when mother-in-law visits, man should stay in garage.

    • Tim: Every time your mom comes to visit, you turn into Helga the Psycho Cleaner.
      Jill: I do not, I'm just tidying up a little, DON'T TOUCH THAT, YOU'LL GET FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT!

    • Nana: We would have tea and cookies, but I told you they were tea and crumpets. Then when your father got home, you told him we had tea and puppets.
      Jill: Tea and puppets, I really said that? I was so adorable, how could you stand me?

    • Tim: Boys! Come downstairs! Half your grandma showed up!

    • Nana: (telling a story about Jill) She was so nervous that night, instead of deodorant, she sprayed on insect repellant!
      (Everyone laughs except Jill)
      Jill: It was only under one arm. It's no big deal; it's not that funny.
      Tim: It's not that funny . . . but maybe next time, you should just hang a No Pest Strip.

    • Tim: (seeing that Nana has lost weight) Where's the rest of you? You coming in shifts?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tim: You read a book called My Mother, Myself? Wilson: It was the seventies, Tim, it was an open time.

      My Mother, Myself: The Daughter's Search For Identity is a book written by Nancy Friday in 1977. Tim later tries to mention the book to Nana, but he mistakenly gives the title as, "Hey Mother, I'm selfish."

    • "Much Ado About Nana" (the episode title) is similar to the title of William Shakespeare's comedy play Much Ado About Nothing.