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Season 8 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1999 on ABC
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Tim and Wilson's friendship is tested when Wilson wins $10,000 and decides to build an elaborate greenhouse in his backyard - which blocks the Taylor family's view.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Tim, Brad and Wilson are at the hockey game, after Brad and Wilson have switched seats, Wilson is holding onto his money and popcorn with his right hand. At one point where you see him talking to Tim you can see his money and popcorn container, but when they have the camera just on Wilson, he is not holding his money, he is just holding his popcorn. His money just disappeared.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (Wilson, who took Brad's seat, is the prize winner of the contest)
        Brad: Oh man, I can't believe this!
        Tim: Oh, be happy for him. You wouldn't want the surprise anyways. Last game they gave away a year's supply of pudding.
        Brad: I like pudding.
        Announcer: This is the biggest giveaway in the history of Joe Louis Arena.
        Tim: He's up on the screen.
        Announcer: Wilson Wilson, as the one millionth visitor this season, Bay City Motors would like to present you with this check for $10,000!
        (Brad and Tim are shocked)
        Tim: $10,000!
        Brad: That's a lot of pudding.

      • Brad: (to Wilson) Wait, you're gonna spend all that money on a greenhouse?
        Wilson: Yes indeedy. I can grow anything I want.
        Brad: Can you grow pudding?

      • (Brad is hit with a hair dryer)
        Brad: Ow! Hey, what idiot just threw this?
        Girl: Uh, it was an accident. I'm so sorry.
        Brad: Oh, oh, it's okay. It's probably my fault for having my head there.

      • (Brad, Tim and Wilson are at a hockey game)
        Wilson: Oh, Tim, these are great seats.
        Tim: Thanks.
        Wilson: What a wonderful birthday present!
        Tim: Well, happy birthday, Wilson. How old are you now?
        Wilson: Uh, counting all my lives, 12342 years old. That doesn't include the years I was frozen.

      • Tim: Al, why don't you tell us your favorite part of gardening?
        Al: Well, I'd have to say it's getting down and dirty with my hoe.
        (Heidi and Tim leave an awkward Al alone)

      • Mark: (about Jenny) She's actually considering dating a guy like me.
        Jill: What does that mean, "a guy like you"?
        Mark: Well, you know, fairly smart, average-looking, but kind of geeky. Your basic five.
        Jill: You are not a five! You're great-looking, funny, and smart. You're a ten!
        Mark: Mom, I don't want to be a ten. Jenny thinks all tens are pig-headed jerks. I'm better off being a five.
        Jill: Oh, so you're trying to be geeky, but not too geeky?
        Mark: It's a fine line.

      • Jill: Hi, sweetie.
        Tim: Hi.
        Jill: I made my hamburger casserole for dinner tonight.
        Tim: We've got bigger problems than that...

      • Tim (about Wilson): He's clearly gone construction crazy.
        Jill: It's strange how you recognize the symptoms in others.

      • Wilson: Why don't we go halfsies?
        Tim: Halfsies? Men don't go halfsies. Men don't even say halfsies.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Jenny: Who won the Battle of the Bulge?
        Mark: Oprah.

        Oprah Winfrey is one of America's most recognizable talk show hosts. She has been known for battling with her weight, constantly going up and down on the scale over the years.

      • Wilson: I'm going to grow my own plants.
        Tim: Brad, you can't go over there anymore.

        This alludes to Season 7's 'What a Drag', where Tim and Jill caught Brad in possession of marijuana.

      • Tim: And you all know my assistant, Al "The Bad Seed" Borland.

        The Bad Seed is a 1956 horror movie about a woman with a very scary daughter.