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Season 6 Episode 12

No Place Like Home

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1996 on ABC
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No Place Like Home
Tim's brothers help move their mother out of the family home, but Tim takes an immediate dislike to the new owners' plans for the place. But Tim's mother tells them to take whatever's important to Tim and his brothers at the end.

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  • An good emotional episode but not the best Christmas episode. Of course maybe I am wrong, now that I think about it.

    As far as the Christmas episodes go I thought this was a weaker one at first, but after I watch it I realized something very important. While this episode did not have all the cheery Christmasy stuff, the lighting contest, the carols, although it did have a funny Christmas Tool Time, though I liked the outtake scene a little better than the final cut. Anyway, I realized that Christmas is not about the lights and Tool Time, it is about family. It is also about memories. Tim is moving his mother out of his childhood home, and some of his memories of his father come rushing back. At the time of the holidays it is about memories and family, and while houses will be remodeled, painted, and demolished, memories last forever.moreless
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Leslie Bibb

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    • Randy: Let's step on it, Uncle Marty. Dad's getting away from us.
      Marty: (laughs) Who'd have thought a truck that big could go so fast?
      Brad: I can't believe we have to spend part of our Christmas break helping Grandma move.
      Marty: Aw, come on. What else would you guys be doing?
      Brad: Hanging out with my girlfriend.
      Randy: Going to parties.
      Mark: Seeing all the new movies.
      Marty: Anybody interested in switching lives?

    • Tim: I was just thinking of how much I'm like this house.
      Marty: You mean you both have old, leaky pipes?

    • Lucille: This is wonderful. It's just like all the Christmases we used to have here.
      Jeff: Except that we're eating off the floor.
      Tim: Steve and John aren't burping the National Anthem.
      Marty: Instead of burnt turkey, we're having pizza and linguine.
      Randy: Hey, after dinner, why don't we all go caroling? We can sing "I'm Dreaming of a White Clam Sauce."
      Tim: Not bad.
      Mark: Or "Deck the Halls with Calamari."
      Lucille: Oh boy!
      Brad: "Silent Night, Cannoli Night."
      Tim: Better!
      Jeff: Boy, they're just like us when we were kids, huh?
      Marty: Yeah. Except they're clever.

    • Tim: Lemme ask you a question. You've always wanted a vacation home, right?
      Jill: Yeah.
      Tim: How would you feel about buying this place and making it our getaway home?
      Jill: You're suggesting that we come up here for romantic weekends and sleep in your mother's bedroom?
      Tim: It's not like she's gonna be here.

    • Marty: No way! Why are YOU taking the toilet?
      Jeff: Because I need a new one. No sense in spending good money when I can have this one for free.

    • (Tim, Jeff and Marty are reminiscing about the house)
      Tim: Remember sliding down this banister, guys?
      Marty: Oh yeah. 'Course, I also remember there was only one of us dumb enough to go down facing forward.
      Tim: Anybody can do it backwards. Mom was wrong, too. I was still able to have children.
      Jeff: Yeah, but look at them.
      (Tim gives Jeff a look behind his back)

    • (Tim and Brad are carrying a table)
      Marty: Hey Tim, look at this. It's Dad's plans from when he remodeled the house.
      Tim: You've got to be kidding me!
      (Tim lets go of the table. Brad has trouble holding it by himself)
      Tim: These have got to be about thirty years old.
      Brad: (straining) Dad!
      Tim: Careful with that! It's an antique!
      (Randy walks in)
      Brad: Randy!
      Randy: Lift with your legs.
      Brad: Gah, get back here!

    • Randy: Dad, it's Grandma. She wants to know whether we're coming up Saturday or Sunday.
      Tim: Tell her Saturday. All right, there's two important things to learn about cleaning up your chimney--
      Randy: What time on Saturday?
      Tim: Eight o' clock. Don't you hate when your mom calls you when you're doing a live T.V. show? There's two things--
      Randy: Should she make breakfast for us?
      Tim: Mom, do you know I'm working on a live T.V. show here?
      Randy: Yeah, and she says your fly's undone.
      Tim: What?!
      (he notices that it isn't undone)
      Randy: Grandma says, "Gotcha."

    • Al: Cheerio, Tim.
      Tim: Frosted Flakes to you, Al.

    • Tim: Why are all these boxes marked "Fragile"?
      Lucille: Well, I didn't know which ones you'd be handling.

    • Jeff: How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not bald, I'm just taller than my hair.

    • Tim: Dad hand-rebuilt that mantlepiece.
      Jeff: He had to, after you tried to use the propane tank as a fire poker.

    • Jeff (to Tim): I almost didn't recognize you without a head wound.

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