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Season 4 Episode 8

Quibbling Siblings

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1994 on ABC
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Quibbling Siblings
Al's favorite Bingo caller dies, so Tim has to get a temporary new co-host on Tool Time. Brad volunteers for the position, and Tim allows him to do it. Randy isn't pleased about it and shows some signs of jealousy.

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Jill mentions her sister Katie in this episode; however, Katie is neither seen or mentioned again, not even in the two future season 6 episodes where we meet Jill's sisters.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Tim: Al's favorite bingo caller died.
        Jill: Oh no!
        Tim: Al said his last words were "B-11 and G-I-think-I'm-having-a-heart-attack."
        Jill: Oh, that's awful!
        Tim: Yeah. Worse than that, Al was one away from bingo.

      • Tim: What's that thing?
        Randy: It's a disk that has Zombie Sneak Attack on it.
        Tim: Oh zombies, love zombies. Can two play this game?
        Randy: Yeah.
        Tim: Let's play.
        Randy: Alright.
        Tim: What are we waiting for?
        Randy: Oh, it's going to take a minute to boot up. I still have that old 030 chip in it. Not much power.
        (Tim's eyes light up)
        Tim: Are you saying this thing needs more power? Let me open it up. I can make this thing go faster.
        Randy: Well, why don't we just save you the trouble and throw it up against the wall?

      • Brad: Hey, wanna go and play some Zombie Sneak Attack?
        Randy: Can't do it. Dad made a few adjustments. The zombies won't be coming back from the dead any more.

      • Tim: Well, that's our show, and I want to thank our special guest Brad Taylor who filled Al's tool belt admirably, with a few notches left over, I might add.
        Heidi: Well, goodbye everybody.
        Brad: Nee you sex time! I mean... See you next time!

      • (Brad is standing in front of a mirror practicing his lines)
        Heidi: Hi, Brad.
        Brad: Hi, Hodey. Ho, Heidi. I mean... Hi, Heidi.
        Heidi: You a little nervous about being on Tool Time?
        Brad: Um, Tool Time? Oh, uh, yeah, that's it.
        Heidi: There's a little trick I use to calm myself down before a show. I just picture everyone in their underwear.
        Brad: I don't think that's going to work.
        Heidi: You'll be fine.
        Tim: Almost ready to go, Heidi?
        Heidi: Yeah.
        Tim: (to Brad) A little nervous? Here's a little trick I use to calm myself down. Just picture everybody naked.

      • Randy: Dad picks Brad to do everything.
        Mark: Dad spends a lot of time with me.
        Randy: Oh, shut up.
        Mark: I still think Dad will let me be on his show someday.
        Randy: Yeah, well, don't hold your breath. (pauses) On second thought, hold your breath.

      • Tim: This ancient Chinese ice cream salesman named Young Zoo said that frozen insects and wet frogs couldn't talk 'cause they were cold to each other.

      • Tim: (to Jill) This is classic Freud -- transferring blame to the tool show host.

      • (Randy turns the stereo up loudly)
        Tim: Turn that junk down!
        Randy: It's not junk, it's heavy metal.
        Tim: Sounds like they're banging their heads on their guitars while they're getting their teeth drilled!
        Randy: Hey, cool, you saw the video.

      • Jill: I just got my first A.
        Tim: Well, that goes on the refrigerator.
        Jill: No, Tim, this is a paper on abnormal sexuality.
        Tim: Put it up in the bedroom.
        Jill: We don't need it.

      • Randy: No, I thought you did a jerrific tob.

      • Brad: Hank you Theidi...I mean thank you Heidi.

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