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  • Errah!

    Love this show! Tim Allen is one of the greatest actors in history.
  • Still One of The Best Sitcoms

    This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Tim Allen is awesome as Tim Taylor, an accident prone handymen with a local television show, Tool Time. Tool Time was one of the best moments of Home Improvement with Tim usually saying how tools need "more power," which often backfires on him and causes him great injury. His assistant, Al shows much more competence but despite their differences, Tim and Al are shown to be good friends.

    Outside the show, Tim has a loving, yet dysfunctional family with his wife Jill, and three sons, Brad, the oldest, Randy, the middle child, and Mark, the youngest. Usually, family problems lead Tim to ask for advice from his neighbor, Wilson, who is a scholar of different cultures. Though Tim would screw up the words from Wilson's advice, the lesson does sink in fixing the conflict.

    This show also marked Jonathon Taylor Thomas as one of the greatest child actors of all time.
  • Real entertainment

    Television today is boring, predictable, disgusting, mindless and/or filled with garbage. Bring back television shows that are truly entertaining at any time of the day, no matter the age of the individual in the room. Few shows gain my approval these days!

    Also, if you haven't the education to capitalize or spell simple words, how can I possibly take your review seriously?
  • stupid!!!!

    Tim Allens "guinea pig call" is super fu**en annoying and on the show he keeps his job but I woulda fired him a long time ago, also the kids are holmly looking besides jonathen taylor thomas and the youngest kid is a little cry baby that tells on everyone, also the mom is annoying as hell too, its just super fucking up!
  • Mr. Wilson Showed His face

    I heard on a couple of articles over the years that Mr. Wilson Fully Shows his face.

    If someone knows of which series and show. This would be great! TY
  • My favorite show.

    Love this show. The cast was believeable as a family. Love Tim Allen. Never gets old. Tim Taylor my kind of man.
  • Great Family Show

    Tim Allen at his best. The whole cast just fit right in.
  • Great family show!

    Tim and Wilson have the most interesting conversations! My favorite part of the show is when they are taping live in the studio. Jill is awesome! Tim always cracks me up.... great collabs here- young and old!
  • This show was ok but if Tim Allen wasn't funny who knows how low this score would've been

    The old ones were the classic ones of the show but when the boys were grown up thats when the show began to suck. OK this show is about a man named Tim who has his own show named Tool time with his assistant Al. Now the good things about this show was the beginnig when the boys were little and they did a lot of crazy funny stuff and Tim Allen was in it and they had more jokes avalabe. But the new ones is when they've used a lot of the jokes in the book and the boys were older and thats when the girlfriends came. Now there have been some good episodes in the new ones and some bad in the old. Overall 6.5/10.
  • Pretty Decent

    Time "The Toolman" Taylor is a host of his own show, Tool Time, where him and his friend Al talk about tools a lot. At home, Tim has a loving wife, kids, and has insight whenever he messes up from his neighbor Wilson, who is a very intelligent man.

    This show is pretty good, but I do think it is repetitive joke-wise. Almost every joke is about how much Tim gets hurt, which yes, can be funny, but I don't find it funny when it is joked about so much. So, my overall grade is about an A- I think.
  • Home Improvement is one of my favorite shows ever!

    This is one of the best series to ever air on tv. Tim Allen plays the accident prone and host of Tool Time, Tim Taylor. Every episode has Tim getting hit in the head, lighting himself on fire, gluing himself to something and on and on. The rest of the cast was equally funny.
    I always watch this show and remember that old days memory. Now, as a young adult and watching this show on DVD, I must really say that it still holds up well. Very few things are outdated, thanks to the good writing and acting. For a modern sitcom, it's very clean (of course many 90s shows were) and very enjoyable. Good, wholesome family fun, which can't be said of many sitcoms today (unfortunately).

    I give the show a 9 out of 10, simply because nothing is perfect, and Home Improvement has never claimed to be perfect, but it sure is a lot of fun.
  • What is up with this show?

    I don't like this show.Even if it is a funny comedy.I don't even think it's funny after all.Tim Allen is not even funny on this show.Nick At Nite is not having a good idea for putting this show on their channel.It's not even funny than all of the comedys,Family Matters is better than this lame stuff.I don't even like this show and it's not evn funny.It's not even better than any comedy show that's very funny.It's one of the worst comedy shows ever.I can grade this show a C because it was kind of funny,but it wasen't that funny than anythng.
  • Tim Taylor is a host on a cable show and when he's not messing things up there he's usually messing things up at home...

    Home Improvement was the show that basically launched Tim Allen's career as an actor, and he did a great job on the show. While the series tends to be formulatic and has some unfunny bits it also has a lot of funny bits and a lot of heart too boot. While Tim messes up a lot he ackowledges he was wrong and sets out to find Wilson and find out what he did and how to make it right. The actors/actresses give good performances and the writers do a good job of keeping wit in the show. My recommendation watch the first season atleast.
  • Decent Show for the most part

    This show was about Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and his own tv show, "Tool Time" with his assistant, Al (can't remember his last name.) It also follows his life outside of work and his family. I liked this show when I was little, and I do think it's still pretty good. I think alot of the storylines were good and original (or at least the characters were.) I didn't care for many of the jokes though. They were mostly Tim getting hurt, and it was predictable after awhile. Good show, overall, but very unoriginal and predictable with jokes. 8.5/10 B+
  • stupid but funny

    A great family show to watch, the show provided great family time with my family we would wait every week for the new episode to come out, it was a sad, sad day for an eight year old me when this show finally ended. The show is about family man Tim the tool man Taylor, and his relationship with his family, his local cable show Tool Time, his best friend Al, who is the butt of most Tim's jokes along side Al's obese mother, and Wilson Tim's neighbor who gives Tim advice about life, every episode. This was a most see show in the 90's.
  • home improvement was a good show

    home improvement took place in the 90s and it was about a family that had three brothers and a dad that was a builder and had a show called tool time and would work with a assitan name alen. it was a good show and it had alot of funny moments i thought when one of the tool times the guy got hit over the head and knocked out when tim was building something and it was a big clinet that was on the show. and the kids would get into troulbe and jill and tim would fight but then tim would go for advice from his neibor where they would talk at the fence his name was wilson . it was a great show
  • a lifetime of love

    I loved growing up with Home Improvement. It was the most amazing show. I recently watched the last episode and and cried because i missed it so much it was very funny. Watching the THS i know that on set with Tim was funny and i'm glad he brought that to his character. The Taylor family was a real family someone could relate to. The comedy and the storeis heldped keep the show running. I will never forget how much Home Improvement has taught me and i really love having the re runs shown. it just brings back some of the really good feelings I had when I watched the show. It is and always will be amazing!
  • Really great but it's getting old...

    Wow, where do I start, this show is about a man named Tim Taylor, a wise cracking man in his forties Although he sometimes acts like an idiot he has a good heart. He has a cable tv show called Tool Time and is assited by Al Borland, who seems to be more popular than Tim on the show. He has a wife named Jill about his age that seems to think he's a tool obssesed moron (which he is sometimes but he usually means well) He has 3 kids (all boys)who in the beggining are young but by the end of the series are college aged. If you watch the shows in order, you can see how they grow up on the show. Also the taylors, have an eccentric neighboor whose first and last name is Wilson. You never see all of Wilson's face, because it's always obscured by some random object. There are a host of other characters, but none that I'm going to really mention right now. Nick at Nite and TBS show reruns constantly, and it's a great show, but they seem to show the same set of episodes constantly instead of really spreading them out. So the show gets a 9.5 but I keeping the same episodes.
  • Very predictable.

    The humor and comedy in this show was some of the most predictable stuff in the history of television. It was basically an okay show, but I just have to say that it tried to be funny and to me, it wasn't that funny at all. The show had some decent actors and actresses, as well as decent storylines and bits. But after a period of time, the comedy gets very old very fast. The show had some tired and cheesy jokes as well as some predictable plots where you knew exactly what was going to happen. Overall, it was a forced show. Thank you.
  • This is a great show. Very funny, and deals with the every day issues that can happen to the everyday family

    A wonderful series, a shame it had to end the way it did. I love how they have issues that happens to the every day family. It a shame it had to end the way it did. Everyone was asking for more money, and they were not getting the money they wanted and threatened to leave the show. Tim said because of that it was the last season, and it sucks that Jonathan Taylor Thomas didnt come back to do the LAST episode. He felt he was to much of a star. He didnt even do interviews on E true hollywood stories. All in all, Its a funny show, I wonder if there is a real person who is a idiot and accident prone as tim lol
  • This was a great show from the 90's! The adventures of Tim and Al on their TV show 'Tool Time' made for a great theme for the show!

    This was a great show from the 90's! The adventures of Tim and Al on their TV show 'Tool Time' made for a great theme for the show! The 'Taylor' family led by Tim and Jill was always getting into funny situations. Al was a great friend to his boss Tim. The tool time girls were also nice additions to the show. Pamela Anderson got her TV start on the show. Debbie Dunning also did. The character, Wilson, was knowledgeable about almost everything. This is a fun show to watch reruns from these days. My wife and I watch it all the time.
  • Home Improvment is based on Tim, who owns a show called Tool Time, wife Jill, and sons Brad, Randy and Mark.

    Home Improvment if a very funny show in my opinion because of it's timing. I also like when it starts off each episode with a clip of an episode of Tim's show "Tool Time". It's also really funny how every episode shares something in common. For example, when Tim has a problem, on his show it he will go into how "Tool Time is also Male Improvment" and stuff like that, and he will get into his problems on tv. Another example is how when he talks to his neighbor, Wilson, about his problems, you can never see Wilson's chin. Tim also gets constantly injured or breaks something on Tool Time. I reccomend this show to any age group. I think this is a very funny show!!
  • Company is named after an episode of Home Improvement

    Tim Allen is a fantastic actor. I have all of Tim's movies and frequently watch Home Improvement on a weekly basis. When I decided to start a video production company, I couldn't think of a better name than after one of the "episodes" of Home Improvement. My son and I had always had a favorite episode, so we naturally named the company Episode XI Studios.

    Tim's character is much like myself, in that my wife laughs of the time that I repaired the garbage disposal. Not only did she get her garbage disposal repaired, but a new sink in the process. I replaced the door handle on the front door and had to replace the entire door.

  • Tim Allen is funny! This is a good family show!

    Tim Allen is the main character of this show. He is a dad married to a wife and he has three kids who are all guys. This show can be quite entertaining! I like it when they do their Tool Time show, and that is one good slogan that I like lots too! What time is it everyone? Tool Time! I also like it when Tim Allen creates all these crazy and powerful new tool inventions! He is smart at experimenting with objects like that and then creating something that makes a new type of power tool different and unique! This show along with four others are all the more reasons to stay tuned and watch Nick at Nite! This show is one of my favorites on nighttime Nickelodian, and it does have good comedy! This show also teaches good family lessons, and a lot of episodes have a good plot and they are good to watch because some of them can help you learn important things! This show also has awesome characters like Tim Allen! So yeah, I enjoy watching this show along with Fresh Prince, George Lopez, Full House, and Family Matters on Nick at Nite. This was a great golden sitcom from the olden days of the last decade. Man, its too bad shows like this ended.
  • Good

    MOst people just like shows from the present. But I like this show, because it is just a fun show to watch. I like to watch it before Family MAtters and when I saw the show it made me forget that I ever like full house or sabrina the teenage witch. The only problem I have with it is that one night it shows the boys at the age of 18-20 and then the next one you see they are 8-10. I live on the west coast but my dish gives me east coast and west coast nick so I can watch the show at 8 insted of 11 at night, I also have the same thing with Cartoon Network.
  • Excellent

    Home Improvement is such a brilliant show and will be remembered for a long time. The unique thing about Home Improvement is that it is a show within a show. The idea that Tim hosts his show in the show is a great idea, and the idea of Tim having all the accidents just make it way funnier. Besides that the characters are great. Patricia Richardson does a great performance of playing the tool man's wife. The only minor problem with the show is Taran Noah Smith. His performance was questionable during the series. But other then that Home Improvement is a great show and I highly recommend of watching it.
  • What time is it everyone? Tool Time!

    I love that! This is one of the few remaining classic comedy show gems Nick at Nite has along with Fresh Prince and George Lopez! I always love seeing this show at night, Its one of the last few shows Nick has that has me waiting in anticipation for it to show up on the tv screen! I always can't wait until its 9 o'clock at night! that's when Nick at Nite starts and when usually this show starts. Tim Allen is a great actor and is good at Comedy! This is one of the reasons as to why this show is comedy gold, it was made in the 90's and not in this crappy decade (well I know this decade is crappy with a lot of tv shows...) I miss those good old days when I was a little kid. A lot more great and awesome shows were around back then. this show has many shining actors that are cool! This show has a golden key actor too who is none other than Tim Allen! Tim also has a funny Tool Time buddy that goes by the name Al! Even though its canceled, thank God this show is still on the air, because ths show rescues tv in this decade, and since this show is on at Nick at Nite, that is one reason as to why its better to only watch tv at night. This is also a good family show, and I like seeing what inventions Tim has in store for me and other viewers to see and appreciate! Home Improvement will always be a good show, and is a good last resort when nothing else good is on other tv channels.
  • A family-oriented sitcom from the '90s

    Home Improvement was a sitcom running from the early '90s to the late '90s, which starred comedian Tim Allen in his first role as Tim Taylor. the show focused on TV host Tim and his family: wife, Jill, and his three sons, Brad, Randy, and Mark.

    i will admit that i didn't watch the show much when it was on its series run, but i have become a fan by watching reruns of it on TBS and Nick @ Nite. one of the best things about this show is Tim Allen. while i dislike Allen's other roles, his role here was excellent. this show was the only good thing he has ever done in his acting career. he was hilarious in this. one of the other bright spots of this show was Jonathan Taylor Thomas as middle child, Randy. Thomas was, without a doubt, the best actor of the three kids and was also the funniest. i was sad to see him leave the show, and think he should have stayed, as his hopes for a movie career never happened for him.

    all in all, this is a classic show, that is still fun to watch. the sitcoms now don't have the quality of this show and i will continue to watch this on reruns than watch any of the new ones of its genre.
  • I have no idea how or why it took me so long to discover this show, but now that I have, I can't get enough of it!

    That's not to say that I haven't known about the show ever since it was on the air. The three Taylor boys are about the same ages as me and my two older sisters, so this is definitely a 1990's sitcom from my time. I used to watch it occasionally when nothing else was on, but I didn't think it was particularly special. Over the past few weeks, however, I have been watching it more and more (maybe because there are at least four episodes shown each day, on two different networks), and I can't believe how much fun it is.

    I am usually critical of a lot of contemporary shows, but it is nearly impossible to go wrong with classics like this--classics that are every bit as entertaining and relevant as they were nearly 20 years ago. The casting is excellent, the episodes are well-written, and the dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny at times, even when you're watching all by yourself. I truly wish that television shows like this were still being made. Actually, "Home Improvement" is sort of like "Everybody Loves Raymond," only the kids are part of it more. Some elements of the two shows are different, but the family life premises are very similar. The interactions between husband and wife, as well as the scenes with the kids, are more realistic than shows like "Full House" and "Step by Step" (which I also love for different reasons), and there is something in it for people of all ages. It can be sweet without being cheesy--which is a fine line for many shows of this genre--and the laughs are genuine, which is the sign of a great script.

    Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson work wonderfully together and obviously connect very well on-screen, and although some people think Richardson's character Jill was too nagging and controlling, I don't agree at all. The character is hilarious and is a perfect representation of a flustered wife and mother who works hard to raise her family and gradually works her way up in a career doing what she does best--lending a listening ear and counseling others in need. She actually reminds me a lot of my own mom. She and Allen were a great match and were always able to feed off each other. They were able to banter back and forth and come across as a "real" married couple without being over-the-top with it, and the whole family dynamic clicked from the very beginning. The actors who played their three young sons really held their own all eight seasons. These boys are living proof that it's possible to involve children in a TV series without making their dialogue too cheesy or unrealistic. All three of them looked and sounded like real kids, and on top of that, they were funny every time they came on screen. Never once were they saddled with ludicrous, cutesy dialogue written by people who found it amusing to make TV kids talk like miniature adults. Like any typical kids, the Taylor boys were cute, sassy, defiant, and got in trouble from time to time. To put it bluntly, they were real, and it's clear that the writers were very intentional in making that happen. You couldn't help but love them, and as the "cute little boys" thing wore off, and they started growing up, they had enough talent as actors to keep the storylines fresh, which is actually not common among all child stars. Having lived through the "JTT" craze that stars like Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers now occupy, I enjoy watching Jonathan Taylor Thomas from when he was a cute, wisecracking little kid. He was adorable and funny, as were Zachary Ty Bryan and Taran Noah Smith, and the result was a picture of an everyday American family that isn't all that different from families today, even almost two decades later.

    The mysterious "faceless" neighbor is also a unique addition to the show, along with Tim Allen's "Tool Time" show. The real magic of the series, however, is the Taylor family interactions, and that is how I became hooked on it in the first place.

    Now that I am such a big fan, I'm going to have to find a way to get my hands on the DVD's! But man, eight box sets is not exactly cheap! In the meantime, though, it airs enough times during the day to satisfy me for now! 10/10 for a solid, funny, and well-acted show that brings back great memories of the 90's!
  • Thank god for reruns

    I grew up watching this show, it became a ritual. This show is a classical example of why TV used to be good. It was amusing which was important, but it also installed a good sense of morals. It was a good classic family show. This is one of the shows you can watch over and over again and it's still as funny as the first time. If more shows were like this now days perhaps there would be some hope for society. For all those who were to young to watch this... i feel sorry for you, you have no idea what you have missed.
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