Home Improvement

Season 2 Episode 2

Rites And Wrongs Of Passage

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1992 on ABC
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Tim still lets Brad off the hook and go to the planned truck rally after he pulls a prank at school, until he throws bricks at a greenhouse.

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  • The episode's family theme centers on a deeper meaning to Brad's recent trend of trouble-making.

    I never viewed Home Improvement's bread and butter to be the slapstick, name-calling based humor for which it is famous. Instead, it is the delicate mix of Tool Time hi-jinks and Tim vs. Al with more serious, real-life family issues that gave this show staying power. This episode is a fine example of that mix.

    Most viewers will see Brad's pranks as the usual trouble teens and/or pre-teens cause but the adults on both sides of the backyard fence deduce them to be signs of Brad's needs as he transitions into young adulthood. Brad needs Tim to mentor him through this phase. The ensuing interactions highlight a very common (and commonly overlooked) part of growing up. The most poignant part of the episode occurs when Tim and Brad are play-fighting and fall into a mutual hug. It is a hug through which Brad means, "Dad, I need you," and through which Tim responds, "I'm here for you... always have been." Youtube moment, everyone.

    For all the times Tim misquotes Wilson (and, in so doing, other great historical figures), the times he communicates the basic meaning (as he does here) are a vicarious victory for his fans. I cheer inwardly whenever he steps up and acts as the man, father, and household leader he is. Great episode for fathers, mothers, and everyone who is still growing up, no matter what the age.moreless

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    • Mark: Hey Mom, did you get the notebooks?
      Jill: Oh, yeah. Well, they didn't have any Terminator left, but they did have these two blank ones and this one. (Brad and Mark grab the blank ones, leaving Randy with the other one)
      Randy: Mom, this one has a puppy and a rainbow on it!
      Jill: It was either that or a ballerina and a pussycat.
      Randy: Why don't you just pin a note on my back that says "Kick me and take my lunch money"? I can't take this to school!
      Jill: Yes, you can. You can be creative. You can...you can draw a tank here at the end of the rainbow, and, like, some fighter planes dropping bombs on the little puppy.

    • Jill: Tim, come on. Our son took a dissected frog and placed it on a lettuce leaf. (Tim laughs) It's not funny! This is serious! The principal ate it!
      Tim: Well, it's a step up from those fish sticks.

    • Jill (about Tim's kilt): Hey, you look great.
      Tim: You wouldn't be just teasing a gal, would you?

    • Tim (about Brad): It was a prank. He pulled a prank, you and I did stuff like this.
      Jill: I most certainly did not.
      Tim: Who was it that put the rice pudding in Helen Weiss's training bra?
      Jill: They never proved that was me.

    • (Tim is wearing a kilt)
      Randy: Hey Mom, where's Dad?

    • Randy: You know, I've got to thank you.
      Brad: What for?
      Randy: Because now you're the evil son, and I'm the good son.
      Brad: No, you're the dorky son.
      Randy: Okay. Let's just say this ball accidentally shot out of my hands and broke Wilson's window. Who do you think they'll believe did it? The evil son.
      Brad: They will not!
      Randy: Well, hey, I'm not the one with the criminal record who got brought home by a woman cop. Hey, what's wrong, Brad? Can't you run faster than a girl?

    • Tim: I think we both learned an important lesson today. Never slam the casement window shut until your co-worker has completely removed his head.

    • Brad: Cool, do I get to use the blowtorch?
      Tim: Yeah, right. Then we wait outside for the fire department to show up.
      Randy: Well, it's not like they haven't been here before.

    • Brad: I wasn't trying to break the window.
      Tim: What, did you miss science class or something? You throw a brick at a glass window, you expect it to STICK?

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