Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 8

Room Without A View

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1995 on ABC

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  • What a great episode!

    In this episode, Randy is now finding it nearly impossible to share a room with Mark so Jill finally agrees to let Tim turn the basement into a room for Randy. Tim does a "Tool Time Remote" and in no time him and Al have built Randy's Dream room complete with a built in desk area for his computer and a "reverse laundry shoot" that sucks Randy's dirty clothes up and shoots it out the other end near the laundry machine in the garage. Brad is jealous, Tim is proud and Randy is thrilled until his first night down in the basement. Randy discovers that a room in the basement comes with a variety of unknown scary sounds that leave him awake all night before finally turning to the couch upstairs for a goodnight's sleep.
    Jill and Tim figure out that Randy is not telling the truth about being too scared to sleep in the basement when they catch him trying to trade the room off with Brad and hiding his pillow in the microwave. Tim then has a talk with Randy about how it's okay too be affraid, and that he too was affraid of things like that when he was Randy's age. He walks him through a list of the sounds that are normal for a basement, explains to him what they are, and Randy is finally able to sleep soundly for the first time in his new room.

    This is a great episode filled with plenty of laugh out loud moments. If you're a Home Improvement fan, this won't disappoint. Sometimes the show gets a little too serious, straying away from funny and trying more to make a statement or teach a lesson. This isn't one of those episodes. It hits normal family issues right on the money, resolves them, and is hiarious at the same time. Perfect episode in my opinion!
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