Home Improvement - Season 4

ABC (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/20/94
    Jill is laid off from her job, and has plans of going back to college to get her Master's Degree. Tim is doubtful of Jill's idea, and she doesn't appreciate what he's saying to her. In the end, Tim has a conversation with Wilson, and things change right around.
  • Don't Tell Momma
    Don't Tell Momma
    Episode 2
    Jill gets a scratch on her car, and Tim is very upset with her, so Tim takes the car in for repairs. Tim drives the car by work, because today they're working outside with cranes, but an incident happens, which leaves the car in the shop for awhile.
  • 10/4/94
    Harry, the hardware store owner, has a heart attack, and Tim begins to worry about his health as he's approaching his 40th birthday. Wilson tells Tim that everything will be okay, as he's had a heart attack and is fine now. The boys give Tim a "Tool Man" and Jill arranges for Tim to fly in a jet. On Tool Time, Tim and Al are shrunk to go inside a small block 350 engine.moreless
  • 10/11/94

    Mark's fourth grade teacher expresses her concerns about his quiet, withdrawn behavior at school. Tim and Jill have very different theories on how to coax the truth out of Mark, but neither of them are successful, and in the meantime, Mark avoids telling them about the real problem.

  • Tim's brother Marty comes over to tell Tim that he's leaving his wife and kids, but Tim's advice turns Marty against him. Meanwhile, Tim creates a hole in the floor, and Jill has trouble working on her psychology report.
  • Borland Ambition
    Episode 6
    Harry offers to sell Tim 20 percent of his hardware store (that Harry's brother is selling). Jill doesn't let Tim buy it, so Al decides to purchase it. When Al becomes obsessed with the store, this drives everyone crazy, even Ilene when he skips a date with her, and Tim decides to confront him about it.moreless
  • 11/8/94
    After taping Jill's speech, he accidentally leaves the record button on when he critiques her speech. After Jill sees the video, Tim reads some of her psychology books and tapes a fake conversation with his buddies, complimenting Jill.
  • Quibbling Siblings
    Episode 8
    Al's favorite Bingo caller dies, so Tim has to get a temporary new co-host on Tool Time. Brad volunteers for the position, and Tim allows him to do it. Randy isn't pleased about it and shows some signs of jealousy.
  • 11/22/94
    At Thanksgiving dinner with the Taylors, Wilson announces he is moving, but Tim gives him advice in the hopes Wilson will decide to stay.
  • 11/29/94
    Mr. Leonard, Tim's high school shop teacher, comes to visit, but gets angry and leaves after guest starring on an episode of Tool Time.
  • 12/6/94
    When Tim has a shot at getting his hot rod in an automotive magazine, Jill becomes busy and accidentally leaves it out in the snow.
  • 12/13/94
    Marty and his wife and kids, and Jill's parents come to visit and Tim and Jill try to solve their marital problems. Tim tries to beat Doc Johnson in the Christmas lighting contest.
  • 1/3/95
    Brad takes on the responsibility of a paper route, but doesn't have enough time on his hands for the route, his chores, and his homework. When he suggests quitting the job, Tim pressures him into sticking with it, so Brad must resort to other ways of keeping up with the rest of his duties.moreless
  • 1/10/95
    Tim decides to sell his hot rod and buys one to rebuild. Meanwhile, Jill takes Randy shopping for clothes and he is afraid that Jill will embarrass him in front of someone he knows.
  • Super Bowl Fever
    Episode 15
    Tim has a Super Bowl party for his friends while Jill is sick with the flu.
  • 2/7/95
    When Al is published as one of Detroit's "Most Eligible Bachelor" in a magazine, women begin flocking all over him and he starts to ignore Ilene. Mark has to write a report on the most interesting person he knows, and he writes it on Wilson instead of Tim.
  • It's My Party
    Episode 17
    At Randy's party, Tim's over-polished dance floor causes Michelle, Randy's girlfriend, to sprain her ankle.
  • A House Divided
    Episode 18
    Benny, Tim's friend, moves into his aunt's house while she's away. But a gas leak causes the house to blow up and Benny must stay with the Taylors.
  • The Naked Truth
    Episode 19
    When Marty and Nancy are staying with the Taylors, Tim walks in on Nancy in the shower, thinking she is Jill. Meanwhile, Randy goes to a Bar Mitzvah and must come home after he splits his trousers.
  • Talk To Me
    Episode 20
    Tim insults Jill on Tool Time, ruins dinner, and drops her ring down the furnace.
  • No, No, Godot
    Episode 21
    Tim and Al scalp tickets to a hockey game when Tim can't go, but they get arrested and Jill and Ilene come to bail them out. Meanwhile, Mark paper maches Wilson's face for a school project when he watches the boys while Tim and Jill are gone.
  • Tool Time After Dark (1)
    Despite Jill's advice, Tim stays up all night watching Tool Time tapes because of his upset stomach from eating too much Polish food. He wakes up Jill to ask for antacids and she can't get back to sleep. Jill ends up watching the tapes with him to help herself fall asleep again.moreless
  • Tool Time After Dark (2)
    Despite Jill's advice, Tim stays up all night watching Tool Time tapes because of his upset stomach from eating too much Polish food.
  • 5/2/95
    Carrie, Jill's sister, comes to observe Jill's life to see if she would like to get married. Marty, Tim's brother, moves to Detroit.
  • A Marked Man
    Episode 25

    A pocket knife goes missing at the hardware store, and Al believes that one of the Taylor boys is responsible. Tim reacts badly when he finds out that Mark did it, which creates a problem in the family.

  • Wilson's Girlfriend
    Episode 26
    Jill sets Wilson up for his first date in twenty years and Tim gives him advice. Brad tries to get rid of acne before a date.