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Season 5 Episode 24

Shopping Around

Aired Unknown May 07, 1996 on ABC
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Shopping Around
Tim and Jill see Art Leonard, Tim's old shop teacher who's dating his mother, at a restaurant with another woman. Tool Time does a week of shows about metal, which causes Mr. Leonard to get shot with a nail gun and Wilson to experience stage fright.

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  • Bad at first, then became good, but went bad again.

    This episode was unoriginal in my opinion and I do have mixed feelings about it. The episode starts boring when Mr. Leonard comes on Tool Time, but then the episode became good when Tim hilariously accidentally shoots a nail at Mr. Leonard's butt. LOL! When Tim and Jill are going out to dinner, Tim's mother volunteers to babysit the boys. But Tim and Jill are surprised to see that Mr. Leonard is dating another woman since he kissed her. It was superbly hilarious when Tim and Jill tried spying on Mr. Leonard and then Antiono sees them and looks at them strangely. After the commercial break, the episode goes bad and boring again. Tim and Jill tell Mrs. Taylor about what happened at the resturant, and now she is thinking about breaking up with him. At the end, Mr. Leonard says to her that the reason that he was cheating on her is because he met the two at the same time and didn't know which woman to choose. In conclusion, Tim sees Mr. Leonard kissing another woman at dinner, although like Jill predicted, it was actually his sister. I had mixed feelings about this episode, it was bad at first, became good, but went bad again. I'd say this one was unoriginal to me.

    FINAL GRADE: C+moreless

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    • Brad: You've got to take the perfume away from Grandma. The whole upstairs reeks!
      Jill: She wants to smell pretty for her date with Mr. Leonard.
      Brad: Isn't she way old for that?
      Jill: Brad, your social life doesn't stop just because you're a senior citizen.
      Brad: Well, I guess you'll find out in a few years...

    • Mark: Are you and Mr. Leonard gonna get married?
      Lucille: Oh, I don't know. I guess it's a possibility, someday. We're not ready yet.
      Randy: Well, are you gonna live together first, like Mom and Dad did?
      Lucille: Wait a minute. Are you saying that before they got married, your mom and dad lived together!?
      Randy: Oh, no, no. What I said was that before they got married, they loved good weather. See?
      Brad: You know, Grandma, maybe you ought to think about getting your ears checked.
      Lucille: My hearing is fine.
      Brad: How's your memory?

    • Wilson: It sounds like Mr. Leonard has a problem with monogamy.
      Tim: I don't care what kind of wood he uses!

    • Wilson: Ever since I was a young lad, it's always been a dream of mine to create metal headware.
      Al: Ever since I started working with Tim, it's always been a dream of mine to wear metal headware.

    • Tim (reading the wine list): Is that the price for the bottle or for the vineyard?

    • Tim: The maestro of metal.
      Al: The sultan of steel.
      Tim: Oh, good. The earl of . . . earl-luminum.

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