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Season 4 Episode 24

Sisters And Brothers

Aired Unknown May 02, 1995 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Carrie, Jill's sister, comes to observe Jill's life to see if she would like to get married. Marty, Tim's brother, moves to Detroit.

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      • (Mark is in a robe, and Carrie is taking pictures of him)
        Carrie: Oh, you look darling in that, sweetheart!
        Brad: If I were you, I'd go change... sweetheart.
        (Jill enters the room as the boys exit)
        Jill: Oh, cute robe, Mark.
        Mark: Yeah, right.

      • Jill: She said she's staying here a whole week so she can observe how miserable our lives are!
        Tim: That won't take a week.

      • Nancy: Are you and your sister close?
        Jill: We get along well. Sometimes. Sort of. Not really.

      • Jill: I really envy Marty and Tim, they're so close . . .
        Marty (to Tim): You idiot! You big idiot!

      • Carrie: It's so nice to know that there are still people like my sister, living their comfortable little lives in their cute little houses, making delicious little meals.
        Jill: I hate her little comments.
        Tim: That's not you, she must have been talking about someone else, she said, "Delicious meals."

      • (Tim is walking around with a quacking duck toy)
        Marty: Are you still playing with those ducks? You're supposed to be looking for Farmer Fred!
        Tim: They're helping me.

      • Carrie: All you can do is yell at me and fold your stupid socks!
        Jill: You act like all my life IS is socks!
        Tim: Hi honey, got any clean socks?

      • Marty: I got a guy to re-finish the floors, right? Tim says he knows a better guy. That guy turns out to be a bigger idiot than Tim!
        Tim: No one's a bigger idiot than me!

      • (During a Tool Time segment about removing rust from patio furniture)
        Tim: This will strip the paint off a battleship!
        Al: Something a lot of our viewers have on their patio.

      • Tim: I cannot find Farmer Fred, but I did find something that my parents put in my crib to put me to sleep. Baby's first ratchet! (Tim holds up a ratchet)

      • Jill: Whatever it is you're looking for, I know you're going to find it.
        Carrie: How can you be so sure?
        Jill: Oh, come on. You fell off a curb, and Robert Redford caught you!

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      • Wilson: I'm reminded of the poet Christina Rossetti, who wrote, "There is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to lead on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray."

        The Christina Rossetti quote is from a poem called "Goblin Market."