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Season 3 Episode 13

Slip Sleddin' Away

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Slip Sleddin' Away
Randy loses a sled race to Vinnie. But after following Tim's advice of racing Vinnie again with a better sled, Randy sprains his arm. Meanwhile, Brad contemplates stopping his saxophone lessons.

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      • Jill: What are you doing?
        Randy: Just working on my sled.
        Jill: Listen, I wanted to talk to you about that. I don't think you should race on Saturday.
        Randy: But Mom, I have to! My wrist is going to be fine. Even the doctor said so.
        Jill: I just think that the combination of that hill, that sled, and your father is too dangerous.

      • Jill: But it's not a fair fight.
        Randy: I've never gonna have a fair fight! I'm the shortest kid in my class!
        Jill: Honey!
        Randy: And don't tell me that my height doesn't matter!
        Jill: It doesn't matter! It's what's inside that counts. Don't sell yourself short. (pauses) Sorry.

      • Tim: (about Randy's injured hand) Sit up here, let me take a look at it. Careful. (touches it)
        Randy: Ow!
        Tim: Ooh. That hurts, huh?
        Randy: No, I just have a condition that makes me say "ow" every ten minutes!

      • Jill: Brad, where's your saxophone? You have a lesson in twenty minutes.
        Brad: Mom, why do I have to keep taking these stupid lessons?
        Jill: Brad, sit down.
        Brad: Is this gonna be another one of your "when I was a little girl" stories?
        Jill: No. Will you just listen? (long pause) When I was a little person about your age...

      • Jill: Hey, Mark, go up and get your shoes on. I'm taking you for a haircut.
        Mark: Mom, I don't need a haircut.
        Jill: Please. I could turn you upside-down and mop the floor with you. Besides, the barber is right next to Brad's saxophone teacher, so I can get you a trim while he's having his lesson.
        Mark: You just wanna get out of hearing Brad play.
        Jill: I never said that, and if it gets around, I never said that.

      • Tim: (to nurse when Randy hurts his arm) You know, Marge, it's kind of gratifying to be here in the hospital and not be a patient.
        Marge: Uh-huh.
        Custodian: Hey, Tool Man!
        Tim: Hey, buddy. (runs into door)
        Marge: Well, maybe you can have that feeling another day...

      • Tim: I banged my head down there. Took an x-ray; showed nothing.
        Jill: Big surprise.

      • Marge: Mr. Taylor, this way to x-ray. (laughs) Oh, look who I'm telling.

      • Randy: Dad, I don't need to go to the emergency room.
        Tim: (laughs) That's what I usually tell Al.
        Randy: Well, how does he get you to go?
        Tim: I don't know. I'm usually passed out by then.

      • Brad: What happened to your wrist?
        Randy: Well, when I hit Dead Man's Curve, my sled went one way and my wrist went another... right into a tree.
        Brad: Well is the sled okay?

      • Tim: Now, older homes, like older people, tend to groan.
        Al: Our old reviewers will want to write Tim at (pulls out sign with address) Tool Time, PO Box 32733...

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