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Season 4 Episode 11

Some Like It Hot Rod

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1994 on ABC

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  • A great episode to show how characters really are.

    This episode importantly showed how Jill's character can be a great deal of the time - hypocritical. It was about how Jill is actually the one that screws up when she leaves Tim’s Hot Rod out in the snow. I know that it isn’t easy for anyone to openly acknowledge their own faults, but how could Jill assign the blame on Tim? It was clearly her fault for leaving the Hot Rod out in the snow. That scene wasn’t very funny to me, despite the audience’s reaction. Once again, it was Wilson who had to turn things around with his advice, or in the case of this episode, his listening skills. Scenes that were funny included how the boys reacted to Jill’s mistake, as Brad says “They say when to people have lived with each other for a long time, they start acting like each other.” Another funny scene was how Al bit a piece off of Tim’s sandwich after he fell asleep. Overall, it was another great episode.
  • A complete twist of character!

    Tim has a shot at getting his hot rod in an automotive magazine, and leaves his hot rod in the garage, while Jill wants it out of the garage, because she is painting things for Mark's christmas pageant. She takes the car outside, and unknowingly to her, a blizzard comes and covers the hot rod with snow!

    The boys and Jill try to clean the snow off in time before Tim comes home, but were unsuccessful. Jill and Tim have yet another argument, but all comes to an understanding after Jill confides with Wilson. She in the middle of the night blow-dries the car, which surprises Tim. They make up and there is another happy ending.

    It is funny how for once, Jill messed up on something, and Tim didn't! A complete twist of character, which is very original!
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