Home Improvement

Season 7 Episode 17

Taking Jill For Granite

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Tim hires a new "granite guy" to finish his kitchen counters and excitedly awaits his arrival. When Ian, the granite guy, gets there, he and Jill recognize each other. Ian asks for a workspace, and Tim shows him the garage. Jill then tells her friend Patty that Ian is the guy she once had a "sexy dream" about and that once asked her out. Ian and Jill later agree to not tell Tim. As Tim and Al film on location for Tool Time at Al's house, Ian and Jill bond over lunch. When Ian's truck breaks down, Jill gives him a ride home. However, before he gets out, he kisses her, and she fires him! When Jill gets home, she tells Tim what happened and that Ian once asked her out, and Tim is mad that she never told him. After talking to Wilson, Jill admits to Tim that she was attracted to Ian. Tim then admits that he was attracted to Patty, and they make up. Later, Ian comes to get his tool set that he accidentally left. Tim answers the door, and they talk in grunts. After Tim gives him the tool set, Ian apologizes and leaves, but Tim secretly keeps Ian's best chisel.