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Season 7 Episode 17

Taking Jill For Granite

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1998 on ABC



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    • Mark: Do I look good for the granite guy?
      Randy: You don't look good for anybody!

    • Jill: There has to be somone who you've been a little attracted to.
      Tim: No!
      Jill: Tim!
      Tim: Maybe.
      Jill: Tim.
      Tim: Patty.
      Jill: Tim!
      Tim: She's hot!

    • Tim: It's important to present a good image to your subcontractors.
      Randy: Is that why you're not going to be here today? Good thinking!
      Tim: I won't be here because I'm supporting my family. And by the way, it would be a lot easier getting a new family than it would be getting a new granite guy.
      Brad: And on that psychotic note, I'll be leaving for school.

    • Tim: You fired the granite guy?
      Jill: Did you hear what I said? He came on to me.
      Tim: What did he say...you have a nice outfit or something?
      Jill: He kissed me.
      (Tim looks stunned)
      Tim: W-what did you do?
      Jill: I -I pushed him away.
      Tim: Well you should've fired him!
      Jill: I did fire him!
      Tim: You fired the granite guy?!

    • Jill: What I'm asking you is how honest is a person supposed to be in a relationship?
      Wilson: Well, Jill, I've always believed in being totally honest.
      Jill: You have?
      Wilson: Which might explain why I haven't had a decent relationship in over 20 years.

    • Al: Now in winter, homes consume more energy, which is why I like double-glazed windows.
      Tim: And double-glazed donuts.

    • Tim: Honey, you cannot pick a granite guy out of the phone book like you would a doctor or lawyer.

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