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Season 5 Episode 15

Tanks For The Memories

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1996 on ABC

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  • Not as good as others but it was still hilarious!

    This episode is about Time going to California to check out army tanks for Tool Time's military week. Jill wants to go, but Tim refuses her too, but ends up letting her go anyway. When driving the tanks, Jill excels, while Tim fails (hilariously) miserably. Tim refuses to congratulate her, but after talking to Wilson, he does. Meanwhile, the boys stay at Al's apartment on a carefree weekend, and play Al's soon-to-be-popular Tool Time game. My favorite parts were when Tim crashed into the golfcarts, when Tim was shown in a body cast in the Tool Time game, when Brad did Tim's grunt, and when all of the cards in the Tool Time game were just bad things that happened to Tim! Although I didn't like the plot, it was above average.