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Season 7 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1997 on ABC



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    • Tim: All right Lions won!
      Jill: What are you talking about? The game just started.
      Tim: No, they won the coin toss!

    • Irv: I posted a series to CBS about a talking turkey. They told me to stuff it.

    • Irv: I'm going to grab a yam
      Jill: That's not a yam, Irv.

    • Tim: How could this happen? I just wanted to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family. . . And look what happens. (Tim hits on the console and the lights almost go on)
      Tim: Sorry.
      Ted: Hey, wait. Do that again.
      Tim: Sorry!
      Ted: No, No. Hit the console!
      ( Tim hits the console again and all the lights go back on throughout the whole stadium and the crowd cheers)

    • Jill: Can you believe that this actually happened?
      Brad: Oh, yes, that was unbelievable. You know, Jenny told me to call her when I'm 21.
      Mark: Yeah, and Irv wants first look at my next screenplay.
      Randy: And I'm reconsidering my distaste for conspicuous consumption. Ooh, dibs on the last truffle!

    • Randy: Would you look at all this food! Do you know how many needy families it could have fed on Thanksgiving? Ooh, crab puffs!

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