Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 11

That's My Momma

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Tim's mother mentions that she raised five boys by herself.  However, during the course of the show, seven Taylor brothers are mentioned (Tim, Marty, Jeff, John, Rick, Steve, and Danny)

    • First appearance of Bonnie Bartlett as Tim's mother, Lucille Taylor.

    • Outtake: Tim tries to say, "Emotional, shemotional," but he stumbles over the words, then he laughs and jumps up and down.

  • Quotes

    • Al: The only conversation we ever have is when I say something real and you tell me to shut up.
      Tim: Shut up!

    • Tim: I don't like talking about my feelings.
      Jill: You do it with me all the time.
      Tim: 'Cause you make me!

    • Lucille: Every time Tim got in trouble in high school, Mr. Leonard took the time to make a personal call to me.
      Mr. Leonard: Well, I had to call you. I knew Tim wasn't giving you those notes I sent home.
      Lucille: What notes?
      Tim: I, uh, I was going to give them to you tomorrow.

    • Tim (about Lucille's house): How could it be drafty? I did the weather-stripping myself.
      Jill: Enough said.

    • Jill: When's your mother supposed to be here?
      Tim: Any minute. I can hardly wait to see the old hunk of junk again.
      Jill: Your mother?
      Tim: No, the car. Last time I saw her, her rear end was sagging and she had no pickup.
      Jill: The car.
      Tim: My mother.

    • Mr. Leonard: Mrs. Taylor!
      Lucille: Mr. Leonard! Oh God, what did Tim do now?

    • Lucille: I try to have a real conversation with you, and all you keep asking is, "How's the Buick?"
      Tim: We talk about other stuff. Are you having a problem with the Buick?

    • (In Tim's garage)
      Marty: Mr. Leonard, I didn't know you were in town.
      Mr. Leonard: I'm visiting my daughter.
      Marty: Then what are you doing here?
      Mr. Leonard: I hate my son-in-law.

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