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Season 4 Episode 4

The Eyes Don't Have It

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1994 on ABC
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The Eyes Don't Have It

Mark's fourth grade teacher expresses her concerns about his quiet, withdrawn behavior at school. Tim and Jill have very different theories on how to coax the truth out of Mark, but neither of them are successful, and in the meantime, Mark avoids telling them about the real problem.


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, Jill is in the kitchen reading the note that Mark brought home from his teacher. When she says "Mark, what's going on?" she tucks her hair behind her left ear, and there is a big brown bag behind her. In the next shot, after Mark says that nothing is going on, Jill's hair is in front of her ears again, and the brown bag is completely gone. Then the bag suddenly re-appears after Mark leaves the room.

      • Jill mentions that Tim once glued his head to a table. This happened during the episode "Forever Jung."

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Tim: You called me a dork?
        Jill: I was trying to build his self-esteem!
        Tim: What about my self-esteem?

      • Tim: How'd it go with Mark's teacher?
        Jill: She was very nice and very concerned about Mark. She said lately he's been inattentive and withdrawn.
        Tim: Better then loud and obnoxious like I was.

      • Jill: A note from a teacher. Alright, which one of you is it?
        Randy: Not me.
        Brad: Not me.

        Mark: It's me.

        Jill and Tim: You?

        Tim: Your first note from a teacher. You're a man! You're in big trouble, but you're a man.

      • Mark: How do I get moved up to the front of the room?
        Brad: Why would you want to move up to the front of the room? I don't know if you've noticed, but that's where the teacher is.

      • Tim: Where's Mark?
        Randy: Oh, he's still trying to figure out which sock goes on which foot.

      • Mark: (to his brothers, right in front of Tim and Jill) I don't care if people call me a dork. Mom says Dad's a dork, and he feels good about it!

      • Jill: Come on, honey. You know you always feel better when you tell me what's wrong.
        Mark: Nothing's wrong. Man, you're worse than Dad!
        Jill: Do the words "umbilical cord" mean anything to you?

      • Jill: Forget about it, Brad. You're not gonna get your own phone.
        Brad: It's not for me. You see, Mom, I want this for you.
        Jill: Explain to me how you getting a phone benefits me.
        Brad: Well, you know how I'm always tying up the phone line? Then you get upset and yell at me, and then you feel bad about it? Well, if I have my own phone, you wouldn't suffer like that.
        Jill: I'm touched by your thoughtfulness, Brad, but actually, I don't mind yelling at you. I find it's a good release for me.

      • Mark: I don't want to look like a dork.
        Wilson: Might I remind you that Benjamin Franklin, Sigmund Freud and Mahatma Ghandi wore glasses, and I don't think anyone considered them dorks.
        Brad: I would.

      • Jill: How did it go at the doctor?
        Tim: It was a real drag. A bunch of four-year-olds were hogging all the blocks.

      • Tim: We're not leaving this house until you tell me what's bothering you.
        Mark: Good, then I don't have to get my flu shot.
        Tim: Wrong-o. You're not missing your flu shot, and I'm not missing the chance to play with those blocks.

      • Mark: I didn't do anything.
        Tim: Mark, I use that line on your mom all the time, it hardly ever works.
        Jill: It NEVER works.

      • Tim: Oh, come on. In fourth grade I was adorable, my teacher hated me, fifth grade teacher didn't like me either, sixth grade teacher really had something out for me, seventh grade was a nightmare.
        Jill: Are you noticing a pattern here?
        Tim: I had a string of bad teachers.

      • (Talking to Mark about his new glasses)
        Brad: If anyone calls you a dork, they'll have to answer to us, all right?
        Randy: That's right, we're the only ones who are allowed to call you a dork.

      • Tim: The doctor's office is a lot of fun. While you're waiting you get to play with those blocks.
        Mark: Only babies play with blocks.
        Tim: Don't you call me a baby!

      • (Mark has brought home a note from his teachers)
        Mark: I didn't do anything.
        Randy: Right, Mark. Teachers always send home notes like that. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Mark didn't do anything, just trying out the new pen."

      • Al: Choosing a carpet is a very important decision. It's something you need to live with, and walk on for years.
        Tim: So are you Al.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Al: Floor coverings of the future, or "The Vinyl Frontier."

        The opening credits of the sci-fi television series Star Trek began with Captain Kirk (and Captain Picard in the later Star Trek: The Next Generation series) saying, "Space . . . the final frontier." The Star Trek series were set far in the future, which is probably why Al chose this title for his futuristic presentation.