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Season 6 Episode 23

The Feminine Mistake

Aired Unknown May 06, 1997 on ABC
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When it is revealed that Brad lets his girlfriend do all his cooking and cleaning for him, Jill is horrified that her sons have not been raised to treat women properly, and of course she blames Tim. Meanwhile, Tool Time does a 3D show.

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  • Not a good episode at all.

    By far, this episode is definitely a competitor for the worst episode of season six. When Angela continueally does all of Brad's chores, Jill thinks this is setting a bad example for Randy and Mark. To prevent the cause, Jill tells Tim to tell the two that having your girlfriend do chores for you is bad, but he ends up insulting Jill, and she's astonished when she hears it. This episode was not funny at all, and if it weren't for the 3-D portions, I would've given it a 1.0. In the subplot, Tim finally hads Tool Time do a 3-D show, and it turns out to be very hilarious. It was hilarious in the show was when Tim and Al swung the parts of the picnic table, as well as when Al did his salute signal in 3-D, and when Heidi threw the tool out the screen. It was also very hilarious when Tim got the large hot dog for Al and it came right to the camera and out of the screen. The most hilarious part was when Tim and Al swung the entire picnic table. That Tool Time was quite funny. The most hilarious part in the episode was at the end when Tim messed with the 3-D camera and made some hilarious tricks of his own. ROTFL! Although the 3-D portions were hilarious, this episode was not very good.

    FINAL GRADE: C-moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Before this episode, Brad's girlfriend Angela was known for being an extremely fast talker who tended to say the wrong things at the wrong times. Now that character trait has been dropped completely. Angela is significantly less chatty, and she speaks at a normal pace.

    • Mark asks Tim, "Did you drop another beam on Mom's car?" This is a reference to the Season 4 episode "Don't Tell Momma," in which Tim accidentally dropped a large beam on Jill's Chevy Nomad while operating a crane for a Tool Time segment.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jill: (to Mark and Randy) I did not raise my sons to treat women like property. I raised you to be responsible and independent, which means that you do your own chores, you clean up your own messes, and under no circumstances do you ever treat the female human being as if they are servants put on this Earth to wait on you hand and foot!
      Tim: (walks in and tosses a shirt at Jill) Hey, honey, do you mind popping that in the washer for me?

    • Al: What place does 3D have on a serious tool show?
      Tim: None, that's why we're doing it on Tool Time.

    • Jill: Brad has been letting Angela do his laundry.
      Tim: (sarcastically) Oh my God, whites or colors?

    • Jill: Why is Angela doing Brad's laundry?
      Mark: She probably wanted something to do after cleaning his room.
      Jill: How long has this been going on?
      Randy: I don't know, but she does nice work. I'm thinking of asking her to give me a Wednesday.
      Mark: I wonder if Angela has a younger sister. My closet's a mess!

    • Tim: If I have one flaw, it's that I'm honest.
      Jill: If you have one flaw, I'm Cindy Crawford.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The episode title is a reference to Betty Friedan's book The Feminine Mystique. This book is also mentioned during the episode; Jill says that she gave Tim a copy and he used it to level the legs of his workbench.

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