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Season 6 Episode 14

The Karate Kid Returns

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1997 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Everything goes well when Mark uses karate to save Randy from a bully, until the school newspaper gets hold of it. Wilson's cousins, the Beach Boys, come to visit.

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Wesley Mann

Wesley Mann

A. J. Sanders

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John Paddock

John Paddock


Guest Star

Michael Luckerman

Michael Luckerman


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Courtney Peldon

Courtney Peldon


Recurring Role

Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode, Wilson's whole face was accidentally revealed. At the end, Wilson was behind one of the Beach Boys, but when the one he was behind moved, you could see his whole face.

    • In this episode, the Beach Boys visit Wilson. Wilson states that he wrote a book called "The Psychophysiological Indices of Ammorous Connections Among Termites of the Southwest." However, in the episode "Wilson's Girlfriend," Jill's professor says that she wrote the same book.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Tim: (about shopping with a woman) Here's how it goes. Candy store, friends. Shoe store, more than friends. Jewelry store, run for your life!
      (the doorbell rings)
      Randy: Well, don't worry, Dad. We're nowhere near the jewelry store yet.
      Tim: Trust me. One day, you'll say the magic words: "It looks... kinda like gold, doesn't it, honey?"

    • Jill: Okay, so, I gotta practice for my thing tonight.
      Tim: Well, get upstairs and work hard on that thing. It'll pay off.
      (Jill gives him a skeptical look)
      Tim: Not a clue.

    • Jill: You should have seen Mark at his lesson today. He was awesome.
      Mark: Sure was.
      Tim: Well, that's my boy. Told you, you work at the thing, and big things are gonna happen. You know? And it'll help you with your future things down the line.
      Jill: You don't have any idea what we're talking about.
      Tim: Not a clue.
      Mark: I was at karate, Dad.
      Tim: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you work at that, and end up, you know, with a high paying job in the karate industry.

    • (Tim and Lauren are talking about the hot rod)
      Lauren: Did you remember to bleed the system?
      Randy: You never have to remind my dad to bleed.
      (Tim gives Randy a look)

    • Randy: Hi.
      Jill: Well, honey, we saw the paper, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. You did nothing wrong, and even if you are ashamed, you shouldn't be ashamed, because there's no shame in being ashamed.
      Tim and Brad: Huh?

    • Tim: He was defending Randy.
      Jill: Well, he should have done what I've always told him to do in this kind of situation.
      Mark: And what's that?
      Jill: Find an adult.
      Mark: Well, what if there isn't one around?
      Jill: Run away!
      Tim: Run away. Forget karate. Next year, you're taking track.

    • Jill: (about Randy) This is awful. I mean, half the school must be making fun of him.
      Brad: Half would be a conservative estimate.

    • Mark: I did save Randy's life.
      Jill: What are you talking about? What happened?
      Randy: Don't worry, nobody got hurt. Some jerk in the shoe store pushed me.
      Mark: And I used my karate to knock him down!
      Tim: Great!
      Jill: No it isn't!
      Tim: No it isn't!
      Jill: Mark, we don't let you take karate so you can use it.
      Mark: Then why am I taking it?
      Jill: So you'll have the confidence of knowing that you can defend yourself if you have to, but you shouldn't have to because you shouldn't be in a situation where you have to use it!

    • Randy: Dad, I'm getting together with Lauren. What do you think? Vest or no vest?
      Tim: Well, no vest says casual and cool. Vest says you're trying to impress her. Might be a little desperate.
      Randy: Got it. Go with the vest.

    • Randy: (after Mark has knocked down a bully) What do we do now?
      Mark: I don't know. That's as far as we got in karate class! (they run in opposite direction)

    • Mark: That was so cool what I did in the shoe store. It was like I was somebody else.
      Randy: And, yet all those other times when we wanted you to be someone else, nothing!

  • NOTES (1)

    • During the Beach Boys' visit to their cousin Wilson, they sing three of their songs: "Little Surfer," "Little Deuce Coupe," and "Barbara Ann." The last song mentioned is sung by the Beach Boys, Wilson, and Jill.


    • In the episode, Randy climbs into his locker to think. This may be an allusion to the movie Man of the House, which Jonathan Taylor Thomas stars in. His character was bullied and put into his locker.