Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 22

The Longest Day

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1996 on ABC
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The Longest Day

The Taylors' happy, normal lives are disrupted when it is revealed that one of the kids might have cancer. As they wait for the doctor results, Tim and Jill do their best to hold it together and reassure their son that everything will be okay.

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  • The Longest Wait

    What if you had knowledge that someone close to you might face a possibility of death? And what happens when he, she, or yourself faced that possibility?

    These are questions that every once in a while you might think about but not much at least not until it finally happens at the least expected moment. This is my favoarte episode of the show because it's the most emotional, that goes to show that even the Taylors are human.

    I really liked how Tim, Patricia, and Johnathan performed which was a more dialed down performance they really felt human and really made me think if this is what most people that have encountered this sittuation feel. Jill is somewhat frantic and you can see is just struggling to deal with the problem and calm down. Tim may be the tool man but he realizes this is one problem he may'be unable to fix. Though for me it was Randy that really carried things out, you can see how he has a mix of emotion from some anger to sadness and fear of this possibility of having cancer that makes him realize he doesn't have as much time as he thinks. That scene moment at the video arcade when he talks to his dad always made my heart sink.

    Despite the ending which I'll admit was a relief, you don't forget the waiting.moreless
  • Not that emotional

    A typical doctor check up with sad news: Randy may have cancer. It's not confirmed however, so for the next day Tim and Jill try to calm Randy down. In the end it is revealed he doesn't have cancer.

    Now don't get me wrong: this would be emotional/sad if it actually happened. In fact, there were a couple parts in here that were sad. But this episode as a whole isn't sad I don't think. It had a great dose of humor {it is a comedy after all} and it did have some sad parts. This might be my favorite episode of the season, not for the emotion but it was a good episode with good plotmoreless
  • In this episode, it is revealed after a routine physical, that Randy may have cancer.

    This is a great episode of Home Improvement because it goes in somewhat of a different direction then any of the previous episodes had gone. In the episodes prior to this one bad things had happened to other people, and of course are always happening to Tim. Not that bad things haven't happened to the Taylor kids, but they were minor things. No one lives in a bubble that can protect them from everything and this is a great example. Bad things happen to good people when they least expect it. Even though school comes easily to Randy other things don't. There is a flashback in this episode that proves that, it shows Randy when he was a baby and had terrible colic. I like how "The Longest Day" starts off as a fairly normal episode and is kind of dropped with a bomb shell that carries on through the rest of the episode. You can tell how Jill and Tim are trying to protect Randy by not telling him what is going on because they don't want to worry him. Because Randy is smart he figures out what is going on from the school computer instead of from Jill and Tim which makes matters worse. I like this episode because I think it is very touching, it also has flashbacks to things that happened before the show. I like how they do the flashbacks at the end to -A Wonderful World- by Louise Armstrong. The title of this episode is very fitting because when something bad happens it seems to last forever, also the world doesn't seem so wonderful at the time. (another reason why I like how they put the flashbacks to Louise's song as a contrast). Of course every episode has got to have humor but this episode has a different kind of humor, it has a light humor or one that lightens the mood. I also think it's very interesting that Tim doesn't reveal his problems to Al. Patricia Richardson had the idea for this episode, and Johnathan Taylor thomas said in an interview it was his favorite. I agree with JTT this is my favorite episode. I have already seen it at least 5 times but because it is my favorite I will never get sick of it.moreless
  • One of the saddest episodes in the series.

    Like I said on top, this is a really sad episode compared to the other episodes of the series. In a series that I really like that has a sad episode, I love to watch them. This episode is one of the saddest episodes I have probably ever seen in a very long time. It made us drag on to the end to see the results so it made me keep tuning in until it was done and I could find out what was going to happen.

    I realize that this review is so late from when it aired but I'm just watching this series for the first time.moreless
  • During a medical check the docotor find a lump on Randy's neck. The Taylors have to wait 24 hours to find out what it is. Than Randy gets very scared and dose not come home from school.moreless

    This is my favorite Home Improvemnt episode. It deals with an issue that happens often in a family but it is deal with the Taylor way so it bring humor to a sad sitution. My favorite part is when Randy goses to the arcade and tim finds him and comforts him. It really touches me. I know that this episode when it first air had a lot of talk about it. Everyone doubt it. But it endend up being the top rated show of the week. Everyone was wondering how such a funny show was goin to deal with such a serious issue. I think that it did a great job. JTT also said before that this was his favorite episode. Well I am like him becasue this will always be my favorie episode.I also enjoy the end when the show all the clips of him. Classic episode!moreless

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    • Tim: Oh ho-ho! Lemon meringue! (takes out a fork and goes for the pie)
      Jill: (runs in) Don't touch that pie! That's for after dinner!
      Tim: I wasn't gonna touch it.
      Jill: Well, then, what are you doing with the fork?
      Tim: I had a little itch, honey...

    • Tim: What's in the bag?
      Brad: Something's gonna cut time off my doctor's appointment.
      Tim: What?
      Brad: You know how the doctor makes you go pee in the cup?
      Tim: That's my favorite part, except the cup is too small. I would go with a salad bowl for me.
      Brad: Yeah, well, my problem is that I can't go under pressure.
      Tim: So you went in that bag?!?
      Brad: Of course not. I put it in a yogurt container.
      Randy: I think you just found a flavor that will never catch on...

    • Randy: (to his parents) This is awesome! Skipping school, going out to breakfast, Mortal Massacre...I can't believe you guys are treating me so good. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was dying! (long pause, Tim and Jill look upset) That was a joke, guys.

    • Tim: (about Randy possibly having cancer) So he doesn't know anything about this?
      Jill: No. None of the kids do. The whole way home, I kept just telling Randy that nothing was wrong, that he was probably just run-down, needs some vitamins. Meanwhile, I was going out of my mind. I thought I was just going to the doctor for a checkup, the next thing I know, I'm talking to a specialist about lumps. (near tears)
      Tim: Hey, hey, hey, come here. Come on. (hugs her)
      Jill: This is my worst nightmare!

    • Jill: We're back.
      Tim: What kept you guys?
      Randy: Oh, the doctor found boysenberry yogurt in Brad's urine.
      Brad: So I had to give him another sample without any fruit in it.

    • Brad: What's going on here?
      Jill: Nothing.
      Brad: Mom, if you're cooking food like this, something's got to be up. I mean, we usually get burnt toast and mushy bananas.
      Tim: It's our anniversary.
      Brad: Your anniversary was two months ago.
      Tim: (pauses) This is the anniversary ... of the first time we had eggs.
      Brad: Well ... happy anniversary!

    • Tim: I know you're scared, you know. I know how you feel.
      Randy: No you don't. I don't want to die, Dad.
      Tim: Oh, come on. You are not going to die. Even if you had cancer, which you don't--you do not have that--it's a treatable kind, okay? Hey, come on, come on. We'll beat this thing, no matter what it is, you know? I'm not letting anything happen to you.

    • Jill: Do you know that Tim has survived over 200 accidents?
      Wilson: Really? I would have thought that number was much higher.

    • Jill (about Dr. Kaufman): She said they're usually benign.
      Tim: Oh, God!
      Jill: No, benign is the good one.
      Tim: Oh, good.

    • Tim: So it's either a lump or hypo-thighmaster?
      Jill: Hypothyroidism.

    • (Tim wants to take Randy out for breakfast)
      Randy: But, Dad, I'll miss history class.
      Tim: How many times have I told you? You can't live in the past!

    • Randy: It's all Mom's fault. She told Dr. Medwick I've been kind of tired lately.
      Tim: Well, you have been. I caught you on the couch the other day asleep at four o'clock.
      Randy: Dad, I was watching "Tool Time."

    • Jill: Oh God! I feel so helpless, just waiting for the phone to ring. It is so frightening to think how one phone call can change your life forever. You know, it's like my family has been living in a big bubble all these years, protecting us from anything bad that could happen. Just one phone call, one split second, and the bubble could burst.

    • Al: You know, Tim, far be it from me to criticize a colleague, but your performance out there today was a little dull.
      Tim: Well, who'd know better then the human yawn.

    • Tim (walking into the kitchen): Ah! Smells good ... Where am I?
      Jill: I'm making a big family breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and silver-dollar pancakes. That's Randy's favorite.
      Tim: You're gonna tip him off, honey.
      Jill: What do you mean by that?
      Tim: If you make Randy something edible, he's gonna know there's something wrong.

    • Randy: Why does this bad stuff always have to happen to me?
      Tim: Bad stuff happens to everybody. Bad stuff happens to me all the time.
      Randy: Yeah, but you cause it.

    • Al: Is it me? Have I let you down in any way?
      Tim: Al, you've let me down in every way.

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