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Season 4 Episode 19

The Naked Truth

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1995 on ABC

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  • A very hilarious episode.

    This episode was just too funny! I was laughing very hard! When Marty and Nancy (yes!) are staying over at the Taylors, a stressed out Nancy takes a hot shower at Tim and Jill's bathroom since Randy is in his. Tim then gets naked and walks into the shower with Nancy, thinking she is Jill. Tim then talks Nancy into saying that this was a secret to be kept away from Jill and Marty. But Nancy wants to tell when they are at Stinky Joe's as Tim tries to prevent so. Meanwhile, Randy goes to his friend's Bar Mitzvah and splits his pants doing the limbo. This episode was just hilarious and it's definitely one of the funniest. It was funny at Stinky Joe's when all the things said reminded Tim and Nancy about the shower incident and when Brad stapled Randy's pants together as Tim wanted to use a hot glue gun! ROTFL! I have to admit, this episode was a lot better than I thought it'd turn out. Although Tim was lucky, he got to see the beautiful Nancy naked! Oh well, I'll get over that someday. Anyways, this episode was one of the most hilarious in the series and it's an instant favorite.

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