Home Improvement

Season 6 Episode 9

The Tool Man Delivers

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1996 on ABC

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  • Tim, Jill, and a very pregnant Heidi are on the way to an award ceremony, where Tim will be crowned Car Guy of the Year. When they run out of gas, Heidi goes into labor. Tim, coached via phone by Wilson, delivers Heidi's baby girl in a gas station.

    This is a wonderful episode. The writers of Home Improvement had to write in a storyline for Debbe Dunning's character (Heidi) this season, because she became pregnant. Tim is supposed to accept the Car Guy of the Year award, and no one can come except him, Jill, and the boys. Wait. Not the boys. It's a school night. Tim finally convinces a very pregnant Heidi to change her mind and come along. She goes into labor and delivers a girl.

    This is a great way for the writers to help incorporate more of Heidi into the storyline, as her character FINALLY becomes a series regular in the next season.

    A Must Watch.