Home Improvement

Season 6 Episode 9

The Tool Man Delivers

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1996 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Tim causes the gas station to explode, the clip of him flying into the air while engulfed in flame, and subsequently falling in water, is a scene from the 1990 film "Darkman", with Liam Neeson.

    • Tim is delivering Heidi's baby at the gas station while receiving delivery instructions from Wilson. One of the times when the camera is on Wilson, it is a side profile of him, which reveals the top and bottom half of his face.

  • Quotes

    • Jill: Where are you going?
      Tim: There's a service station about two miles back, and I'm gonna go get some gas.
      Jill: What's the stick for?
      Tim: Protection! In case that Guernsey wakes up!

    • Tim: It's a girl! She looks like Winston Churchill!

    • Jill: I'm the coach! You're the receiver!
      Tim: Right! What am I receiving?
      (Jill lifts up Heidi's dress, indicating that he's receiving the baby)

    • Jill: (to Heidi) Don't worry, honey. Everything is fine. We have everything--
      Tim and Jill: --under control.
      Jill: What do we do?
      Tim: You had three boys. You should know.
      Jill: Excuse me! If you remember, I was in a teensy bit of pain at the time.
      Tim: All I remember is a lot of screaming, and whatever sounds YOU were making.

    • Ned: I hope you enjoyed the gas.
      Tim: I have no time to chit-chat. I have a pregnant woman in the car.
      Ned: Right next to the deer?
      Tim: There is no deer!
      Ned: Then maybe there's no pregnant woman.
      (Jill and Heidi walk in, and Heidi is going into labor)
      Ned: Deer killer!

    • (Tim's car runs out of gas)
      Tim: No, no, no, no!
      Heidi: What's the matter?
      Tim: I don't know!

    • Jill: The boys are a no. It's a school night.
      Tim: I'm being crowned Car Guy of the Year!
      Mark: Yeah and, uh, we wanna honor our father.
      Jill: I'd love for you guys to go, but we're not gonna get back until three o' clock in the morning, and you have to go to school the next day.
      Randy: Well, we wanna honor our father so much, we'd be willing to miss school the next day.
      Brad: I'd be willing to honor him all week.

    • Tim: Mail come in?
      Randy: Yeah.
      Tim: Any RSVPs for my awards banquet?
      Randy: Got a whole bunch there.
      Tim: Yeah. I only reserved two tables. I should've known that everybody wanted to pay their respects to the Car Guy of the Year.
      (Tim looks through the mail)
      Tim: Unable to attend? Watching T.V. that night? Call me when you get an Emmy? Don't hold your breath? This is terrible.

    • Tim: I might need a lift to my car.
      Ned: I could give you one, but it might suddenly get busy.
      Tim: And I might suddenly become a ballet dancer!
      Ned: Forget it, pal, you don't have the legs.

    • Sparky: (about Tim) He'd better get here soon, the muffler guys are already exhausted!

    • Tim: The guy with gas in his veins has got no gas in his car!

    • Jill: I can't believe you drove through that field! The poor cow.
      Tim: I had no idea they could jump that high, did you?
      Jill: Heidi, how are you feeling?
      Heidi: Better than that cow.

    • Jill: (to Tim) If it had a bathroom, you'd LIVE in your car!

    • Tim: I told you guys, no playing golf in the house! At least not until I get the water hazard put in.

    • Tim: The Tool Man has gas in his veins.
      Jill: That's not the only place.

    • Tim: Don't you want to pay respect to your boss who helped you remodel your kitchen?
      Heidi: You set my kitchen on fire.

    • Wilson: They've got a shoulder!
      Al: Is it a boy or a girl?
      Wilson: Usually, you can't tell from the shoulders.

    • Tim (on the phone): Al! Heidi went into labor!
      Al: She joined a union?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Wilson: I'm reminded of the English novelist George Eliot who said, "Necessity is the mother of courage."
      Tim: He's not looking at a head coming out of a cervix!

      Although Tim refers to the Victorian novelist as "he," George Eliot was actually the pen name of a female writer named Mary Anne Evans (1819-1880).

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