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Season 7 Episode 20

The Write Stuff

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1998 on ABC
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The Write Stuff

A feud escalates between Brad and Randy when Brad expresses an interest in the school newspaper, and his silly sports article outshines his younger brother's much more thoroughly researched topic. Meanwhile, Tim manages to throw himself out a window during a Tool Time episode, and he and Jill must deal with a tax audit at home.


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  • Brad steals Randy's thunder when the two work together on the school newspaper.

    I always enjoy episodes that feature the rivalry between Brad and Randy because I can really relate. While this episode strongly reminded me of the earlier "High School Confidential," I think it is a wonderful episode in its own "write."

    Whereas "High School Confidential," focused on Brad's jealousy of Randy, in this episode, the roles are switched. Randy is jealous because Brad's trivial article on sports gossip has bumped his heady article about genetic mutations off the front page. This so reminds me of the relationship between me and my sister, especially since we are both writers.

    Anyway, a top-notch episode and very funny. Two thumbs up!moreless

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    • Jill: You can't claim the cars as dependents.
      Tim: Why not? I buy them things, I feed them, I bathe them...

    • Wilson: Shouldn't you be putting those newspapers in the recycling bin?
      Randy: No. Thanks to "Hey Yo", this paper is definitely trash.
      Wilson: Oh. I take it you didn't like Brad's article.
      Randy: Did you read it?
      Wilson: Yes. He gave a copy of it to me a few moments ago.
      Randy: I'm surprised he didn't frame it for you.
      Wilson: Well, actually, he did.

    • Tim: I would just hate to think that a newspaper article would come between you and your brother.
      Brad: Yeah, well, why don't you go tell that to Mutant Boy?
      Tim: And I don't like you calling him names, either.
      Brad: You just called Uncle Steve "Mr. Porkbelly."
      Tim: Well, that's a term of affection, you know, because I like bacon...

    • Editor: So, Brad, have you thought about what you want to write?
      Brad: Yeah, I want to do something on sports and stuff.
      Randy: That would be great if our paper were called News and Junk.

    • Brad: Well, I talked to the editor of the school newspaper about writing some articles.
      Jill: I didn't know you were interested in writing.
      Randy: I didn't think you knew how to write...

    • Brad : (to Randy) Hey yo! So did you ever think I'd be ever working with you on this newspaper?
      Randy : Hey no!

    • Jill : Tim, do something about this. I don't like it.
      Tim : I'll handle this (turns to the kitchen) Boys! Take it outside. (turns back to the document he was reading. Jill looks at him)
      Randy : Alright, let's go.
      Brad : Alright. (Brad and Randy go into the backyard. Jill gets up)

    • Randy : The problem is, Dad, that your oldest son is so stupid, he should be writing an article called "Hey, duh!" (Randy leaves to the basement)
      Brad : (shouting after Randy) HEY, I'M TALLER THAN YOU, TOO!
      Tim: Good comeback, Brad.
      (Brad heads off upstairs)

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    • The episode title is a reference to the movie The Right Stuff, based on a book by Tom Wolfe, about Chuck Yeager and America's first seven astronauts (the Mercury Seven). The Right Stuff is also a song from the 1980s by New Kids On The Block.