Home Improvement

Season 6 Episode 15

Totally Tool Time

Aired Unknown Jan 28, 1997 on ABC
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Totally Tool Time
Swedish buyers consider buying Tool Time for Europe.

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  • Tim and the Tool Time gang are hoping to convince the Swedes to buy Tool Time... but will they succeed. Special guest star Drew Carey plays Sy Winterfleffin... quite possibly the most boring Tool Time guest ever.moreless

    As Home Improvement progressed through the seasons, we began to see less and less of Tool Time, which was one of the main parts of the show in the early years. In fact, in some of the later episodes, Tool Time may not have been included at all. This episode is devoted almost entirely to Tool Time as Tim and Al try to convince the Swedes to buy Tool Time. We get to see Tim climb an indoor rock wall (ending of course, in disaster), as well as the most boring Tool Time guest ever, a worker for Animal Control (played by Drew Carey), as well as the Man's Gym. Great episode. Wonderful to see that the writers hadn't completely forgotten about Tool Time.moreless
Harry Groener

Harry Groener


Guest Star

Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Seymour "Sy" Winterfleffin

Guest Star

Craig Richard Nelson

Craig Richard Nelson


Guest Star

Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning


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    • Tim: Uh, welcome to the show, Sy.
      Sy: It's a pleasure to be here, Tim.
      Tim: Sy works at, um... the Department of Animal Control.
      Al: So, are you the top dog? The fat cat?
      Sy: No. I'm just a regular guy who scrapes dead animals off the highway.

    • (Tim and Al are dubbed in Swedish and Al makes a joke)
      Randy: Ha! You know, I never understood that joke until I heard it in Swedish.
      Jill: This is so weird. Doesn't sound anything like you.
      (In the video, Tim screams)
      Jill: THAT sounds like you.

    • Tim: How about a little back rub, Milt?
      Milt: I don't go for that sort of thing!

    • Sy: Hey.
      Tim: Hey.
      Sy: Thanks for having me on the show. I brought you a present.
      (He holds out a brown bag, most likely a dead animal from the road)
      Tim: Hey Fred. Had your lunch? (he hands Fred the bag)
      Fred: Oh hey, hey, thanks!

    • Al: Well, uh, why don't you tell us a little bit about what you do?
      Tim: A very little bit.
      Sy: Well, I get up at about 7 A.M. and drive around and uh, pick up dead animals with a shovel.
      Tim: But, uh, the Department of Animal Control-- there must be some special shovel that you use.
      Sy: No, no, no. Just a shovel. Found it by the side of the road last year. Before that, I didn't even have a shovel.

    • Tim: (about the waffle maker) I've designed a high-powered syrup dispenser to go along with this. Heidi, my waffle buddy, please.
      Fred: Oh no. Tim's made his own gadget. Code red. This is what we've trained for, people.
      Tim: All right. This is CO2 powered. 25 PSI.
      Fred: (on the phone) Yeah, put the fire department and the paramedics on hold.

    • (Al has finished making a coat hanger)
      Al: Okay. Notice my wide-angled curves.
      (Tim looks at Al's hips instead of the coat hanger)

    • Tim: (to Fred, a Tool Time producer) Uh, I have not seen the Andrettis yet.
      Fred: Uh...
      Tim: They're on the show, right?
      Fred: Uh... No. No, they had to cancel because they have the flu.
      Tim: How long have you known about this, Fred?
      Fred: What's the longest I can know without getting in trouble?
      Tim: We're supposed to have celebrity guests. The Andrettis were it. You promised me!
      Fred: I know. I'm sorry. I feel awful about this.
      Tim: Fred. Fred. Um-um-um-um, isn't Paul Newman in town for a charity thing?
      Fred: You know Paul Newman?
      Tim: YOU'RE supposed to know Paul Newman!
      Fred: Sorry, you're right. You're right. Don't worry about a thing. Listen, I got lots of great ideas for back-up guests. Oh hey! You know who'd be great? Arnold Schwarzenegger!
      Tim: Yes! You know him?
      Fred: No, but he'd be great!

    • Tim: There are two words that they're gonna be thinking about: Jerry Lewis.
      Jill: The Europeans like him because he acts like a complete buffoon.
      Mark: We're gonna be rich!

    • Tim: Wilson, thank you very much for being the guest on today's show.
      Wilson: Oh Tim, it's my pleasure. You know, I have many relatives living in Sweden. They're gonna be so thrilled to see me on TV. Some of them have never seen my face.

    • Jill: If the show's a big hit in Europe, does that mean we finally get to go there?
      Tim: Yeah! We can go to England and visit the Aston Martin factory. Italy, the Ferrari plant. Romantic weekend in Stuttgart Porsche Factory.
      Jill: That's about as romantic as touring a sausage factory.
      Tim: We can do that, too. On the way home, we'll swing by Poland.

    • Tim: This episode will blow those Swedes right out of their Volvos. It's a whole salute to men: men and their hobbies, man's gadgets, a man's gym.
      Jill: And what about the European women? What's in it for them?
      Tim: The same thing that's in it for the American women.
      Jill: Al?

    • Randy: Isn't today when those Swedish guys are coming by Tool Time?
      Tim: Ja! And if they like what they see, they're gonna distribute the show throughout Europe. You'll be looking at the new international tool sensation.
      Brad: Are you sure they're gonna understand Tool Time in Europe?
      Randy: Yeah. I mean, they barely understand it here.

    • Tim: Good morning.
      Jill: Good morning.
      Tim: Is everyone as excited about today as I am?
      Jill: Oh yeah. I'm going to the dentist to get my teeth scraped.

    • Tim: The celebrity guest has to go through the roof, did you get somebody?
      Fred: I got somebody great!
      Tim: A big name?
      Fred: Well, it's a long name.

    • Fred: Could you put in a word for me with Binford?
      Tim: I'll put in two words. "Kiss up."

    • Tim: There's a package from Sweden, do you know what that means?
      Brad: You won the Nobel Prize again?

    • Tim: What was that camera doing there?
      Fred: It was filming the show, I had nothing to do with it.
      Tim: It's always nice to have a producer who has nothing to do with the show!

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    • Tim demonstrates how the exercise bike turns into a motorcycle and describes the setting as "easy rider." Easy Rider is a movie about outlaw motorcyclists starring Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.