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Season 8 Episode 23


Aired Unknown May 11, 1999 on ABC
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Troubles brew on Tool Time when Bud mandates that no non-Binford products are to be used on the show. Brad has to decide whether or not to play soccer earlier than he is scheduled to when he has an opportunity to play in front of a UCLA scout.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Watch closely in the scenes at Brad's soccer tournament. When Jill shouts "Go, Brad!" it's just her, Tim, Mark, and the talent scout on the sidelines. However, in the very next shot, when Brad falls and gets hurt, there are a bunch of people standing behind and around them, including the coach and the rest of Brad's team. Then, after Brad goes out on the field again, the number of people with Tim, Jill, Mark, and the talent scout on the sidelines changes between shots. Sometimes there's nobody else there, and other times there's a whole crowd of people.

      • In this episode, Brad visits the doctor to see if his knee is healed enough to play in the Irish Hills Spring Tournament. Look at the leg which the brace is on: it is on his right knee. However, in the episode "Knee Deep", it shows him injuring his left knee.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Brad: Mom, without a soccer scholarship, I could never get into a college like UCLA.
        Tim: No kidding...

      • Doctor: Well, Brad's knee should be about 85 percent by game time.
        Tim: Hey, 85 percent. That's, like, a B minus!
        Brad: All right!
        Doctor: Yeah, but 85 percent means that there's an increased chance that he could get hurt.
        Tim: Yeah, yeah, but what if he only plays 85 percent of the time? Then that would eliminate the 15 percent chance of injury!
        Jill: (to the doctor) Welcome to my world.

      • Tim: Bud is turning a good tool company into a fascist dictatorship!
        Jill: What's he going to do, declare war on Home Depot?

      • Tim: Bud is never home when I call. Instead I get a guy who sounds just like Bud talking through a thick sock.
        Jill: Sounds like he's ducking you.
        Tim: I'll show him. I'll call him back and pretend I'm not me.

      • Wilson: Jill, let me ask you something. Did you ever go against your parents' wishes and take a risk that involved physical danger?
        Jill: Yeah, I did. I married Tim.

      • Jill: But 85% means that there's an increased chance that he'll get hurt.
        Tim: Well, what if he only plays 85% of the time? That would eliminate the 15% chance of injury!

      • Jill: Are you saying he shouldn't play?
        Doctor: I didn't say that.
        Brad: So then I can play?
        Doctor: I didn't say that either.
        Tim: I get the feeling you get sued a lot.

      • Tim: What about wardrobe?
        Al: Well, apparently we're supposed to wear these. (pulls out yellow jumpsuits)
        Heidi: Actually, uh, one of us is supposed to wear this. (pulls out yellow bikini)
        Tim: If Borland puts that on, I'm walkin'.

      • Tim: We'll just talk to his physical therapist. We'll adjust his schedule. Or he can just work out with me.
        Jill: Call the therapist.

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