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Season 5 Episode 12

'Twas The Flight Before Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Al's mother interrupts Al and Ilene's romantic plans for Christmas Eve, Ilene gets mad. Later, as Tim and Al fly to Kinross on Christmas Eve for an elf parade, Al won't stop obsessing about his mother. When Al then mentions Ilene's Christmas gift, Tim reveals that he is really flying to Kinross to get a first edition book for Jill.

Unfortunately, there is a heavy storm, and the two get stuck at a small airport. They call home, and Ilene gives Al an ultimatum: either her or his mother. The storm later clears, and during the flight home, Tim convinces Al to set limits on his mother. The passengers are then told that there is no visibility, so they will have to divert to another airport. However, Brad, Mark, and Randy turn on Tim's Christmas lights, which use 500 watts, creating a beam of light and allowing the plane to land!

The kids win the Christmas lighting contest, and Ilene and Al reconcile. Since Tim wasn't able to get the book for Jill, he gives her Al's mother's pager instead!