Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 12

'Twas The Flight Before Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1995 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Tim and Jill are talking on the phone)
      Jill: You're gonna miss Christmas Eve.
      Tim: I have never missed a Christmas Eve with you, and tonight's not gonna be the night. No matter what it takes, I'm getting home.
      Jill: Well I hope so, 'cause the boys are gonna be really disappointed when I tell them. Wait, hold on a second.
      (Brad, Randy and Mark enter from the backyard)
      Jill: Guys, it's your father. He's stranded in the middle of nowhere. He may not make it back tonight.
      Brad, Randy and Mark: Alright! Cool! Yeah!
      Jill: Wait a second! You don't want to see your father on Christmas Eve?
      Brad: It's not that. We just want to do the lighting contest by ourselves.
      Tim: (from the phone) What's going on?
      Jill: The boys are crushed. I'm trying to comfort them.