Home Improvement

Season 1 Episode 19

Unchained Malady

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1992 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Tim receives a chain letter in the mail and eventually finds out that Al sent it to him. The chain letter warns that anyone who breaks the chain will have bad luck; Tim does not believe this, so he throws it away. Then several bad things happen to him and he wonders if the chain letter was right after all. Randy wrecks his new bike after being dared to do a trick and tries to prevent Tim and Jill from finding out.moreless

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  • The hilarious green hands/George Foreman episode

    One of my favorite all time Home Improvement episodes. Tons of hilarity ensues as Tim receives a chain letter and decides to ignore it's dire warnings of bad luck. Needless to say, bad luck happens to Tim the whole episode, including green hands and a black eye after having been decked in the face by Jill. The highlight of the episode to me is the guest appearance of George Foreman. He comes to 'Tool Time' to assist Tim in the building of a cabinet. The scene where Tim counts to ten over the pile of sticks that used to be a cabinet is hilarious. All in all, this episode is a gem in the Home Improvement library.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Typically, Al is the only character to say, "I don't think so, Tim." In this episode, however, Al, Lisa and George Foreman all say it.

    • Jill mentions that Tim has recently backed a pickup truck into a house and glued his head to a table. The pickup truck incident occured during the episode Jill's Birthday. Tim glued his head to a table during the episode Forever Jung.

    • Outtake: Tim and Jill put on boxing gloves and spar with each other, then Jill says, "I'm gonna go get George!" and George Foreman comes in and starts chasing Tim.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Jill: Tim! I am not going to fight you!
      Tim: You're not gonna fight me. I'm just gonna show you how much skill it takes to hit a moving target.
      Jill: But I don't want to hit you!
      Tim: I didn't say you were going to hit me, I said you were going to TRY to hit me.br/>Jill: Stop that!
      Jill's Sister: Nail him!

    • Jill: In the past month, you have done the following things -- backed a pickup truck into a house, almost electrocuted yourself three times, nailed your shoe to the floor, and glued your head to a table.
      Tim: What's your point?
      Jill: My point is it's not the chain letter that's causing the bad luck, it's you. You're a klutz, isn't that great?
      Tim: Honey, I'm thrilled.

    • Tim: Are you a superstitious man?
      Wilson: No, I am not, Tim. (knocks on his work bench) Knock wood.

    • Brad (after Tim and Jill see Randy's damaged bike): It looks like it was hit by lightning!
      Tim: Yeah, right. Lightning?
      Jill (to Randy): What happened to the bike?
      Randy: It was hit by --
      Tim: Don't say lightning.
      Randy: Wind!
      Brad: A STRONG wind.
      Jill (to Brad): Leave!
      Tim (to Randy): What happened to the bike?
      Randy: Dad, your hands are green!
      Tim: They were hit by lightning!

    • Randy (after he wrecks his bike): I just wish there was some way we could blame this on Mark.
      Brad: Yeah, he believes everything we say. We could tell him he did it!

    • Al: This morning, I won a shovel on a radio contest.
      Tim: Ooh, a shovel! You must have been listening to "Grave-Digging With Gus!"

    • George Foreman: You should put a thick steak on that eye.
      Tim: I thought you were supposed to put ice on a black eye.
      George Foreman: But when you're done with ice, you can't barbecue it.

    • Al: I'm not saying I sent it. The chain letter says you're not supposed to say.
      Tim: What chain letter?
      Al: The one I'm not saying I sent.

    • George Foreman: Hey Tim, is there something wrong with your eye?
      Tim: No, no, hit it on something.
      Al: His wife's fist.

    • Karen: Guys, I'm leaving.
      Tim: Hey, my luck is changing already!

    • (Talking about George Foreman coming on to the show)
      Al: Is he gonna come onto the show and build something?
      Tim: No, I suggested he come on and spar with you for a couple of hours.

    • Al: George Foreman the boxer?
      Tim: No George Foreman the hypnotist - of course George Foreman the boxer.

    • Tim: Has there ever been a challenge you've been unable to meet?
      George Foreman: There was this seafood buffet once.

    • Tim: You know, this is a building show; we build things. What would you like to build?
      George Foreman: How 'bout a sandwich?
      Tim: Well, actually we're gonna build a staircase.
      George Foreman: I never ate a staircase.
      Tim: Well, don't start now, we only have one of 'em.

    • Jill: (looks at Tim's bruise) Eww, it's really getting swollen... and red. Maybe we should dye it green to match your hands.

    • Al: I'm just saying that if you send that chain letter, you'll have better luck.
      Tim: Al, listen. Having George Foreman on the show, that is good luck. Winning a shovel, that's not good luck. You do not have good luck.
      Lisa: Al, Al, I almost forgot. The heat's broken in my apartment. Can I stay at your place tonight?

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    • Title: Unchained Malady
      "Unchained Melody" is a song composed by Hy Zaret and Alex North, first recorded by Todd Duncan for a film called Unchained (hence the title). There are other better-known versions of this song, performed by Elvis Presley, The Platters, The Righteous Brothers, etc.