Home Improvement

Season 7 Episode 16

What a Drag

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1998 on ABC
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What a Drag
On Tool Time, Tim and Al show viewers how to prepare for a severe winter storm. When Tim falls through the gazebo he discovers a small bag of marijuana taped to the underside of the swing. Jill and Tim stake out their backyard from Wilson's to catch the culprit... to everyone's surprise, Brad is caught red-handed with the goods.moreless

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  • Tim and Jill discover a bag of Pot in the backyard. They need to find out which one of their sons the weed belongs to. They decide to camp out in Wilson's backyard to catch the culprit. We also learn about Jill's past.moreless

    This was one of my favorite episodes of Home Improvement. I remember the commercials and advertising they ran the week leading up to the episode. It was nice to have a more serious episode of Home Improvement, while still mixing in the good comedy. All 3 kids enter the backyard while Tim and Jill spy waiting to see who goes for it. Eventually they catch Brad looking for the Weed. They talk to Brad, while Jill reveals what happen to her and her friends while in College. I know this episode was close to the end of the series, but it was still a character development for Jill. We got to learn about her past. I love the Line Tim gives towards the end of the episode, when talking about how it seems like Brad was a baby just yesterday, he tells jill "Wow yesterday he were trying to get him on the pot, and now we have to get him off it". Overall on of the classic episodes of Home Improvement, 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • in this episode we discover that brad is on drugs, and that jill used to be a 'pot head'

    for some reason this is one of my favorite episodes of home improvement. i like the way that they don't let on which of the kids is on drugs, and when tim and jill are hiding in wilsons backyard for someone to get the marijuana (which they're keeping taped under the swing on the gazebo) they show each of the boys walking towards the backyard for different reasons. then they show footsteps walking over to the swing, still no one knows who's pot it is until jill grabs hold of their arm and it shows their face. it was also a shock to learn that jill ended up in hospital and was arrested years ago for taking marijuana. i think it was written very well and they handle the situation that many parents with teenagers have to face, very well.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor) has said that he received more fan mail for this episode than any other--and he got letters from people for all ages, too. Bryan specifically recalls hearing from parents who thanked him for helping them initiate some important discussion points with their own kids after watching the episode.

    • About four months before this episode aired, the popular family drama 7th Heaven aired an episode with a very similar plot. In both shows, the parents suspected that their oldest son was smoking marijuana, and the mother confessed to using drugs in the past.

    • We learn that Jill was a heavy marijuana user in the past, alienating her family and even getting arrested once for acting strangely after smoking some weed laced with LSD at a concert.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jill: Oh, what a miserable day.
      Tim: You're telling me. First thing you know, you crash into a gazebo. Next thing you know, your oldest son is on drugs. Boy, I need a beer.

    • Jill: You have the benefit of learning from Brad's mistake.
      Randy: Hmm. You know, in some cultures, it's the kid that screwed up who is expected to learn from his mistake.
      Tim: Well, this isn't a fancy country like France. This is America, where one person can screw it up for everybody.

    • Tim: (about Brad) Do you think we got through to him?
      Jill: I don't know. I hope so. Because we can reason with him and tell him all the horror stories we want, but when he goes out that door, it's going to be all up to him.
      Tim: He's a good kid, though.
      Jill: Yeah...I think so.

    • Brad: I thought you guys were going out.
      Tim: That's what we wanted you to think. We were over at Wilson's yard, hiding.
      Brad: Oh, so you set a trap for me? Well, that really shows you have a lot of trust in your child!
      Jill: We catch you with drugs, and you want to talk about trust?

    • (Al panics after touching a bag of marijuana)
      Tim: This was found under a chair at my house. Do you know what that means?
      Al: Yeah. I can never run for political office.

    • (after talking to Brad about marijuana)
      Jill: Do you remember when the biggest problem we had with Brad was toilet training?
      Tim: Well, it makes sense. We couldn't get him on the pot and now we're trying to get him off the pot.

    • Brad: Where are Mom and Dad?
      Randy: They're in their room, talking.
      Brad: Good. I have to make a call. (gets up and goes to kitchen, Randy follows him)
      Randy: Mom and Dad told you to stay in your room.
      Brad: Shut up. I know what I'm doing.
      Randy: Yeah, you've certainly proven that.

    • Al: Hey, what this? (picks up bag with marijuana) oregano. Does Jill keep it out here so it stays fresh?
      Tim: Al, that's not oregano.
      Al: Tarragon?
      Tim: It's marijuana.
      Al: Jill cooks with marijuana?!

    • (Tim and Jill are spying on their house from Wilson's yard)
      Tim: Whoa.
      Jill: I know, it's only like ten degrees out here.
      Tim: Not that. Brad's cleaning his fingernails with a fork.
      Jill: Disgusting.
      Tim: No, here's the disgusting part. He put the fork back in the drawer!

    • Randy: How could you bring drugs into the house?
      Brad: I didn't. I taped them to the swing outside.
      Randy: Oh, that's much better. I didn't even know you smoked.
      Brad: I've only done it a couple of times. Come on. You've been to a ton of parties. Are you telling me you've never smoked?
      Randy: No! I mean, the kids who are always smoking seem so out of it. I just never pictured myself sitting in the corner, contemplating the meaning of string.

    • Jill: Why do you have to be such a downer?
      Tim: Don't say "downer!"

    • Jill: We grill them, shake them down, eventually one of them will crack.
      Tim: Don't say "crack!"

    • Jill: Do you think this belongs to one of our boys?
      Tim: Unless we have a chipmunk that has glaucoma.

    • Tim: You want to tie down and secure anything that might cause some damage.
      (Al gets a rope and wraps it around Tim)

  • NOTES (3)

    • The writers wanted to begin tackling serious teen issues with the boys, including drugs, but they decided not to do an episode about drunk driving as Tim Allen had recently been charged with a DUI. They thought that the episode would be rather hypocritical.

    • Kaylan Romero is credited for his appearance in this episode even though he has no speaking parts.

    • Many Uk channels will not show this episode The Disney Channel Uk skips this episode in their full run.Channel 4 did not air the episode either.C4 would not air an episode of Blossom similair to this.
      The Disney Channel will also not air Chicago Hope , The Vasectomy and Eye on Tim.