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Season 3 Episode 23

What You See Is What You Get

Aired Unknown May 11, 1994 on ABC
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After researching cosmetic surgery on the computer, Jill finds that Tim wants her to have cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile, Tim plays a computer game with the boys and the loser must clean the house.

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      • Tim: Listen, Jill. After twelve years of marriage and all those kids, women tend to let themselves go, you know? Spread out. Most men aren't as forgiving as I am.
        Jill: Excuse me. Did you say you have "forgiven" me for "letting myself go"?
        Tim: No. That's not what I said.
        Jill: That is exactly what you said.
        Tim: Well, I didn't mean that.
        Jill: What did you mean?
        Tim: (long silence) I...I...I mean...those Tigers have a shot at that pennant with good pitching this year.

      • Jill: You know how I've been researching that article on plastic surgery?
        Tim: Mm-hmm.
        Jill: I just interviewed a woman who bought herself a whole new body because her husband left her for a younger woman. They were married for twelve years, had four kids. (shows Tim the woman's before and after pictures)
        Tim: She made a big mistake.
        Jill: I'm glad you feel that way.
        Tim: Yeah. Had she had the surgery some time ago, she could have saved the marriage.

      • Brad: (about Mark during a video game) How could you let him beat you?
        Randy: I was overconfident. I'm used to playing Dad!

      • Brad: (looking at a photograph) She's a babe!
        Tim: She's your mom!
        Brad: (disturbed) I just called my mom a babe...

      • Jill: Can you be any more obnoxious!?
        Tim: Is that a request?

      • Tim: I've got a problem of my own. It started with me turning Jill's breasts into hot air balloons and getting kind of excited about it.
        Wilson: Tim, I think you've finally found a problem that's outside my realm of expertise.

      • Wilson: I'm just smoking a fish.
        Tim: Regular or menthol?

      • Brad: Check out this babe on Dad's hot rod magazine.
        Randy: One question. Who works on a car in a bikini and high heels?
        Tim: I do . . . unless I'm working under the car, then I go with a halter top and flats.

      • Tim: I am Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and you all know my assistant, Al "Table For One" Borland.
        Al: May I remind you, I now have a significant other.
        Tim: I'm sorry, that's Al "Table For Two" Borland.
        Al: Thank you.
        Tim: Unless his mom's dining with them, then it's Al "Table For Seven" Borland.

      • Jill: We have to make the cupcakes for the school carnival.
        Tim: Honey, one thing you should know about men. We don't make cupcakes.
        Jill: You promised you'd help me.
        Tim: Another thing you should know about men. We lie.

      • Tim: It's just a crossed wire.
        Jill: That's what it's going to say on your tombstone. "It was just a crossed wire."

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      • Tim (in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice): Maria! I can't itch my own back!

        A reference to Arnold's 1984 movie The Terminator and his catchphrase from the movie, "I'll be back." Later in the episode, Tim sees his computer-altered self, which is extremely muscular, and calls it "The Timinator."