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Season 2 Episode 9

Where There's A Will, There's A Way

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1992 on ABC
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Where There's A Will, There's A Way
Jill finds some wills that Tim and she never finished. She wants to finish them now but Tim doesn't. When she does it anyway, Tim can't help but give his opinion about who should have his tools and the children. He turns to Wilson to ask him whether he should do it or not and finds out that he could die tomorrow and so should write the will; after all, if you rearrange the letters in his name, it spells "mortality." Mark overhears this conversation and is afraid that his father is going to die, but Tim assures him that even though his father died early, it doesn't mean that Tim is going to die.moreless

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  • One of the more serious episodes in the series

    In this episode, we learn that Tim Taylor's dad died when Tim was young. In real life, Tim Allen's dad died when Tim was young.

    Tim uses his real life experience in this episode, so he really wasn't acting. This is real emotions. Patricia Richardson does a great job reacting to Tim's emotions. Perhaps, she wasn't really acting either.

    Tim faces his own mortality when Jill wants to finally finish their will. Tim is afraid that signing the will may make the possibility of his death more possible. They also do a great job incorporating a child's point of view with Mark. What if my daddy dies? And the ever lasting wisdom of Wilson: He points out that Tim Taylor is an anagram of mortality. (Erie, isn't it?)

    Overall, the emotions played out in this episode are great, even if it wasn't all acting.moreless

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    • Brad: Who gets the hot rod when you die?
      Tim: When I die? That's all you're worried about – who gets the hot rod?
      Randy: Okay, forget the hot rod. Who gets the stereo?

    • Mark: Do you guys know what a will is?
      Brad: It's a paper that says who's gonna get your stuff when you die.
      Randy: Yeah. It's good to have one in case we kill you.

    • Mark: (when his brothers were going to hurl him over the house) But Mom, they wanted to play with me!
      Jill: Mark, when Brad and Randy say they want to play with you, always ask yourself, "What do they want to do to me?"

    • Mark: (in the middle of the night, while Tim is watching an infomercial) Dad, are you going to die?
      Tim: Not until I've paid for these knives. Come over here. What's the matter with you?
      Mark: You told Wilson you were going to die.
      Tim: You heard that?
      Mark: I was in the tree.
      Tim: Well, I didn't mean I was gonna die now. I'm gonna live for a long, long time.
      Mark: But your dad died when you were a kid.
      Tim: (pauses) That doesn't mean anything's gonna happen to me.
      Mark: But what if it does?
      Tim: Well, I'll find somebody really cool to take care of you.
      Mark: Like Al?
      Tim: He'll assist that person…

    • Jill: Honey, isn't that the perfect reason for you to sign a will?
      Tim: Well, that would be the perfect reason. Sure.
      Jill: Then why don't you sign it?
      Tim: Dad was, uh…only three years older than I am now when he died. And he had all boys, and I have all boys. And he, you know, he built a Ford in the garage, and…I've got a Ford in the garage, and I don't want my kids growing up without their dad, and I kind of figure that if I sign that will, it means I'm gonna die.
      Jill: But you know that's not true. Besides, there's…there's one big difference between you and your father.
      Tim: What's that?
      Jill: His car worked.

    • (Tim and Jill try to decide who gets the children if they die)
      Brad & Randy: (running through the living room) Wedgie patrol!
      Jill: Hey, come on, no wedgie patrol!
      Tim: Why wait till we're dead? Won't somebody take them NOW?

    • Wilson: When your rearrange the letters in your name, Tim Taylor, it spells out the word "mortality."
      Tim: Ohh, I hate hearing stuff like that, Wilson.
      Wilson: Does that disturb you, Tim?
      Tim: Not as much as the fact that you KNOW that.

    • Tim (after seeing the doctor): As it turns out, he was so impressed, he asked if he could frame my chest x-rays and hang them in the waiting room.
      Jill: Good thing he's not a proctologist.

    • Jill (to Brad and Randy): You can't be watching the game and imitating sumo wrestlers at the same time.
      Randy: Sure we can, we're gifted!
      Jill: And I am so proud, now take it outside.

    • Jill: Every time we make an appointment with the lawyer, we end up cancelling, usually because you come down with some bizarre physical ailment.
      Tim: I do not.
      Jill: Last time we didn't go because your hair hurt.

    • Jill: When was the last time you had a complete physical?
      Tim: Honey, I go to the doctor all the time.
      Jill: I'm not talking about the Emergency Room.

    • Tim: The will? That again? Didn't we just do this?
      Jill: Oh yeah, this is real recent. (reading) "In the event that we have children ..."

    • Tim: Why do you always bug me during the football game? Did I bug you during childbirth?
      Jill: No, but you bugged me during conception.

    • Al: I'd like to introduce a group that's in our studio audience today. The Al Borland fan club. Welcome members of AFC.
      Tim: Do you call it a club because you got to beat these guys over the head to get them to join?
      (Al points to the members of AFC)
      AFC: I don't think so Tim!

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    • Randy: Have you ever played Rocket Man?

      Rocket Man was a character in old silent-movie serials. It's also the title of an Elton John song.