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Season 1 Episode 5

Wild Kingdom

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The snake used in this episode is a California Kingsnake.  Popular as pets due to their generally gentle nature they are native to the West Coast where the show was filmed, but not to Michigan, where the show is set.

    • Al only appears at the beginning of this episode and only has two lines.

    • When Randy has to tell Tim his fortune a second time by pulling the fourth card again, he is clearly showing Tim the third card he took.

    • Outtake: The snake crawls into Tim's shirt, but he doesn't scream or run outside, he just laughs.

  • Quotes

    • Tim: I felt like such a jerk in front of those Cub Scouts today.
      Jill: Oh, they had a great time, and they learned some colorful new vocabulary...

    • Mark: What are we gonna make?
      Jill: I'm gonna have your whole Scout troop make paper-bag masks.
      Mark: Is that all? Billy's mom helped us make a real teepee.
      Jill: She did?
      Mark: Yeah, and she made us beef jerky out of raw meat.
      Jill: Billy's mom is a Stepford wife. You're getting pizza and paper-bag masks.

    • Jill: Tim, the snake isn't in the bag.
      Tim: Because the snake is in my SHIRT!

    • (Tim is on the phone preparing to order pizza)
      Tim: Is anyone out there allergic to anything?
      Mark: Jimmy's allergic to everything.
      Jimmy: Am not!
      Tim: Apparently we need a large cheese pizza with decongestant on it.

    • Jill: Oh no. It's a rat.
      Tim: Worse. It's a snake.
      Jill: Snake!?
      Tim: Where!?

    • Wilson: I do have one underlying fear, Tim. I'm afraid that reality as I know it is someone else's dream, and when the dreamer wakes, I'll no longer exist.
      Tim: Wilson, I wouldn't share that with too many people.

    • (Tim prepares to re-light the pilot light)
      Randy: Open your mouth or the shockwaves from the blast will make your head explode.

    • (Brad and Randy see Tim and Jill kissing)
      Brad: Ew, gross!
      Randy: It's not even dark yet!

    • (Brad and Randy run through the living room)
      Jill: Hey! Do I have to put in speed bumps?

    • Jill: Will you go check the furnace, I think the pilot must be out.
      Tim: Are you saying that lighting a pilot is a man's job?
      Jill: No, I'm saying it's your job.

    • Jill: How would you like to have a nice hot bath with bubbles?
      Tim: I'd like that, Bubbles!

    • Jill: (about mice) They're dirty, they carry disease, they eat garbage --
      Tim: So do the boys, you're not afraid of them.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time we see Tim bang his head on the basement pipe while walking down the stairs. This is the first of many times where this running gag happens.

  • Allusions

    • Jill: Billy's mom is a Stepford Wife.

      The Stepford Wives is a novel by Ira Levin in which men replace their wives with robots that are progammed to act like the "perfect" domestic woman. There are two movie versions of the book.

    • Episode Title: Wild Kingdom

      Refers to a TV series called Wild Kingdom (a.k.a. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom) about wildlife that was shown on NBC in 1963 to 1988; and has recently started again on Animal Planet in 2002.

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