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Season 6 Episode 17

Wilson's World

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1997 on ABC
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Wilson decides to act more like others after a newspaper critic gives his performance a bad review, saying that he's "out of touch with reality".

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    Adam Lawson

    Adam Lawson

    Andy Koplowitz

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    Robert Forest

    Robert Forest


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    Jennie Vaughn

    Jennie Vaughn


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    Debbe Dunning

    Debbe Dunning


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    Jim Labriola

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    Blake Clark

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Benny makes his entrance on Tool Time, his theme song is an instrumental version of "Funiculi-funiculà" from The Barber of Seville. This song was first used when the Taylors, Wilson, Al and Heidi fixed up Benny's grandmother's house in the Season 4 episode "A House Divided."

      • When the Taylors walk into the cafe, Mark says to Jill, "These people are scary," because they are wearing black, goth-like clothing. Little did he know that next season he would be wearing all black like these people.

    • QUOTES (19)

      • (Wilson is ruining the basketball game for the guys)
        Benny: Is it my imagination, or is Wilson more annoying than me?
        Harry: It's close.
        Tim: Be patient, okay? He's just trying to be one of the guys.
        Harry: Yeah. Well, if he doesn't stop yapping, the guys are gonna go over to my house and watch the game.
        Tim: Listen to you. Rather than drink beer here and burp up nachos, you wanna be home with your wife?
        Harry: Well, if I said that, I didn't mean it.

      • Wilson: Speaking of which, Tim, would you like to come over to my house tomorrow night and hang? I'm having some of the guys over to watch a basketball game.
        Tim: What guys? You got guys?
        Wilson: Well, actually, they're your guys. Benny and Harry. Eight o' clock. Be there or be square!
        Jill: Well Tim, I think we've lost the old Wilson forever.
        Tim: We may have lost the old Wilson, but on the upside, the new Wilson gave me enough toilet paper to last the rest of the afternoon.

      • Tim: Hi honey. How was your day?
        Jill: How was my day? You really wanna know how my day was?
        Tim: Not now.
        Jill: I couldn't get any work done because Wilson came over. He said that he wants to be like everyone else, so he spent the whole day glued to our TV set.
        Tim: Did he watch Tool Time?
        Jill No! I said he wants to be like everyone else!

      • Wilson: The year is 1962. The place: the misty moors of Scotland.
        Jill: Oh, this is good. He is just a natural.
        Randy: Yeah, well, anything beats a dancing bag.

      • (The Taylors watch people inside a bag dancing)
        Mark: (to Jill) What are they doing?
        Jill: It's supposed to symbolize trying to get out of the womb.
        (A hand gets near Tim and Tim grabs a fork)
        Tim: You back off, or I'll break your water!

      • Stuart: And now, the country-folk styling of rambling Andy Koplowitz.
        Andy: (singing) When it's peach-picking time in Georgia, it's apple-picking time in Tennessee. It's cotton-picking time in Mississippi, and everybody picks on me.
        Tim: Why do you suppose that is, Andy?
        (Andy yodels while strumming on his guitar)
        Brad: (to his brothers) Sounds like Dad when he gets hit in the groin.

      • Mark: Mom, these people are kind of weird.
        Jill: Well, it may look a little odd, but deep down, they're no different than you and I.
        Student: (to Mark) Excuse me. Are you interested in helping to overthrow the military regimes of the Third World?
        Mark: I'm 11.

      • Wilson: (to Jill) Well, here's your squid. Tell Tim if he wants really fresh ones, I got them upstairs in the tub.

      • (Tim and Al try Ray's burger)
        Al: Hmm. Fruity, yet beefy.
        Tim: Just like Al.

      • Al: I have a lot of creative cooking ideas myself. I bet I could combine some unusual foods into a tasty treat.
        Tim: Hmm. I bet you I could come up with a kookier combination.
        Al: Well, it might be kookier, but it wouldn't be edible.

      • Wilson: I never realized how much easier it is to buy toilet paper than make it.
        Jill: But you love making toilet paper.
        Wilson: But who has the time when there's so much TV to watch?

      • Wilson: I've decided that being a little more like you wouldn't hurt.
        (Wilson crushes a beer can on his forehead)
        Tim: And how do you feel now?
        Wilson: I hurt.

      • Jill (reading a review): Who could help but love Elzina Harris' poem "Die, Die, Die"?
        Tim: I. I. I!

      • Wilson: I've become quite fond of some of these high-tech appliances. I think I'm going to keep that stapler.

      • Tim: The critic doesn't know anything. This is the same guy that panned "Tool Time." He said it was "juvenile."

      • Tim: There are only two words in the kitchen for a real man. "Can" and "opener."

      • Elzina (reading her poem): Die. Die! Die! Go on, die!
        Randy: You first.

      • Hostess: Do you have reservations?
        Tim: Lots of them, but my wife made me come anyway.

      • Al: This taste-tempting beverage is a combination of two well-known ingredients. It's called Broccaloupe.
        Tim: Alright, let me guess: broccoli and antelope. This can actually graze on itself, which is interesting.

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