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Season 6 Episode 11

Workin' Man Blues

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1996 on ABC
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Workin' Man Blues
Brad gets a part-time job at a sporting goods store and work soon becomes his top priority.

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      • Wilson: Well, I don't know, Brad. Maybe channeling Aztec spirits is a lot safer.
        Brad: Aren't the Aztecs the ones that cut the hearts out of people that were still alive?
        (Wilson gulps)
        Wilson: I'm gonna go for those Turbo Roller 2000s.

      • Brad: I might not have much experience, sir. But I'm a fast learner. If you hire me, I know you won't regret it.
        Randy: Sorry kid. You're not what we're looking for.
        (Brad looks irritated)
        Brad: What was wrong this time?
        Randy: You just don't have the sophistication to work at the Wiener Barn.

      • Jason: Psst, Brad. You, uh, talk to Holly about me?
        Brad: Yeah.
        (Jason laughs)
        Jason: What'd she say?
        Brad: Her exact words were, "Jason is a repulsive maggot."
        Jason: She smile when she said it?
        (Holly walks by)
        Jason: Holly!
        Holly: You're a disgusting worm.
        Jason: All right! I'm moving up the food chain.

      • Rob: Brad, you know what I do to people who did what you just did?
        Brad: Cut out their hearts?
        Rob: I offer them a job. What do you say you work for me part-time?
        Brad: Are you serious?
        Rob: Yeah. I figure if you're on my payroll, maybe you'll keep my customers in my store. And that's kinda what I'm going for here, Brad.
        Brad: Well, it sounds a lot better than steaming wieners.
        Rob: What do you say we talk salary over at Java Joe's? You a coffee lover, Brad?
        Brad: Yeah. And one day, I hope to be a coffee drinker.

      • Brad: Can you help me?
        Holly: Can anybody really help anybody? We're all alone, and then we die. It's time for my break.
        Rob: That's unbelievable. I've taken one 10-minute break in my life. Doctor put that plaster cast on me, and I was back at work before the plaster dried!
        Brad: Just like my dad.

      • (Al is reading some mail from the Male Bag)
        Al: I'm getting my driver's license this year. I know a lot about cars, but I'd like to learn even more. I think if my parents bought me my own car, it would be a great educational experience. What do you think?
        Tim: Well, I think, uh, cars are expensive, especially for a teenager. So I'd have to say--
        (Brad is watching this on the T.V. set, meaning he wrote that letter)
        Brad: --Yes! Yes!
        (Tim approaches the camera)
        Tim: Brad, if you want a car, you get a job. All right, pal?

      • (Brad adds a lot of sugar to his first cup of coffee)
        Randy: A little more sugar, and the workin' man can fly to work.

      • Rob: It's time for me to give Holly her annual evaluation. (to Holly) You stink!

      • (Mark and Randy are watching Wilson rollerblade in his backyard on a ramp)
        Randy: Wilson, that's amazing. Is there anything you CAN'T do?
        Wilson: I don't know how to stop! Whoa! Whoa!

      • (The boys are in the kitchen)
        Brad: Coffee anyone?
        (Randy and Mark look at him)
        Mark: We don't drink coffee, we're kids.
        Randy: And the word on the street is, so are you.

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      • Tim tells Brad to take his PMS test; this actually stands for Premenstrual Syndrome (Tim meant to say PSAT).

      • Tim: Shouldn't you be studying for those PT 109 tests?

        The PT 109 was the boat John Fitzgerald Kennedy served on in the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War. He was injured when the boat was attacked but he managed to drag a badly burned crewman to safety with him.

      • "Workin' Man Blues" is an old country song by Merle Haggard.