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AIRED ON 1/13/2018

Season 15 : Episode 7

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Season 15 : Episode 8

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  • Season 15
    • An A-Frame Family Room Goes from Dark to Divine!
      Host Laila Ali meets a mom who endured an extremely high-risk pregnancy and her now healthy twins. The "Home Made Simple" teams revives the family's dark and dreary A-frame family room. Laila cooks stewed chicken and gravy with Caribbean rice and beans.
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      A Guest Bedroom Becomes the Heart of the Home
      Host Laila Ali meets a mom who's going back to school and a dad with a killer commute. The "Home Made Simple" team helps out by turning an unused guest bedroom into a fun family room. Laila makes lamb chops and sweet potato casserole.
    • Mom, Dad and Twins Get a Motivational Home Makeover
      Host Laila Ali meets a motivational author and mother whose unfinished living room desperately needs design help from the "Home Made Simple" team. Mom, Dad and twins get to work on this makeover. Laila cooks gochujang guacamole and zucchini sushi rolls.
    • A Wife, Mom & Cancer Survivor's Soothing Master Suite
      Laila Ali meets a mom, wife and young cancer survivor whose cramped and cluttered master bedroom is anything but a healing oasis. The team reimagines the space with serenity and style. Laila cooks ratatouille and parmesan polenta.
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Episode 5
    • A Moroccan Makeover for a Family of Four
      Laila Ali and the team help a teacher, mother and wife bring new life into her living room with a gorgeous Moroccan makeover. The team surprises the family with a new laundry room. Laila cooks spaghetti for breakfast and chicken basil meatballs.
    • A Wife, Mom and Home School Teacher Gets an A+ Makeover
      Host Laila Ali and the Home Made Simple team helps a mother of three, wife and home school teacher transform her crowded and chaotic living space into an organized, functional and stylized home. Laila cooks a cauliflower crust pizza.
    • 30 Years of Emotional Memories & A Brand New Patio
      Host Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team give a patio makeover to a beloved widow who dedicates her life to education, inspiring those around her. Her daughter flies in from South Africa to help with the transformation. Laila cooks roasted chicken.
    • One Living Room Becomes Four Functional Spaces!
      Host Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team help young parents makeover their large living room into four functional spaces. The couple have faced some of life's most difficult challenges. Laila cooks cornbread dressing and Brussels sprouts.
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Episode 1
    • 2 Parents, 6 Children, 1 Dog and a Brand-New Master Bedroom
      Host Laila Ali and the "Home Made Simple" team makeover a master bedroom for a mother who's expecting her sixth child. She and her husband are busy juggling their family, successful acting careers and community work. Laila cooks a breakfast casserole.
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