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Home Movies

Adult Swim (ended 2004)



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Home Movies

Show Summary

Home Movies is a show about Brendon Small, a kid raised in a single parent home. He also directs his own home-made movies with best friends Jason and Melissa. It is made by Soup2Nuts using Squigglevision in the first season, and Flash in the second season and up.

Home Movies was a short lived series on UPN in 1999, until Cartoon Network picked it up. It ran from 2001-2004 for three more seasons as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block before it was finally cancelled in 2004.

DVD Releases Season 1: 13 episodes - November 16, 2004 Season 2: 13 episodes - May 31, 2005 Season 3: 13 episodes - November 15, 2005 Season 4: 13 episodes - May 16, 2006

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  • Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Robbins, Various

    H. Jon Benjamin

    H. Jon Benjamin

    Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

    Brendon Small

    Brendon Small

    Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

    Janine Ditullio

    Janine Ditullio

    Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

    Loren Bouchard

    Loren Bouchard

    Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

    Paula Poundstone

    Paula Poundstone

    Paula Small (1999)

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    • Absolutely hilarious

      I used to watch this show when it ran as reruns on Adult Swim at 5 AM. I loved it then and have recently begun rewatching the episodes in order and I had forgotten just how smart and funny the writing for this show is. The interactions between Brendon and Coach McGuirk are the highlight of most episodes for me, they are both very sarcastic and have a sort of dysfunctional father/son tyoe relationship that is so entertaining to watch. Extremely smart, witty, and always various, I give Home Movies a 10 and definitely recommend it.moreless
    • The conversation is worth it!

      When I first experienced this show, I judged the way it was drawn. I think most turned away simply because it wasn't pretty to look at. I think the way it looks adds to the humor! Every time I watch an episode I laugh, all of the characters make me laugh, but particularly Brendon and Coach McGuirk have me rolling! I still remember this show after all these years so I guess you can say I liked it.

    • Looks poorly drawn to be a hit

      Sorry, but I cant help looking at the way all the characters are drawn and telling myself, "Gee, they look I just cant get past that problem to enjoy the show if I even tried my hardest.
    • good show !

      a very funny smart show that deserves a revival due to all the current crap on adult swim

    • Not a favorite, but still somewhat enjoyable...

      Home Movies is about a boy named Brendon Small, who video-tapes movies in order to one day become a movie producer.

      It's incredibly awkward, first of all. I think the humor comes more from the coach than it does with Brendon or his mother. I don't really like the characters, except maybe the coach a little bit.

      The animation is downright lazy. I get a headache watching the first season because of how choppy it is. But I'm glad that they sort of fixed it in later episodes.

      I never found myself loving or hating this show. I just don't really understand why it's so popular among people. I've seen a decent amount of episodes to come to my final conclusion:


      Home Movies is okay. Not great, but certainly not the worst on Adult Swim.moreless
    • (c) & TM 2004 Cartoon Network and Soup2Nuts
    • (c) & TM 2004 Cartoon Network and Soup2Nuts
    • © & TM 2004 Cartoon Network and Soup2Nuts
    • (c) & TM 2004 Cartoon Network and Soup2Nuts

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