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Season 4 Episode 4

Bye Bye Greasy

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Jan 18, 2004 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Brendon is put on the role to direct the school musical "Bye, Bye Greasy". He starts by putting his friends in starring roles, of course, and himself as the lead. But, Shannon returns and lets Brendon discover that he wants to act and sing...as the lead in the school musical. So, now that Shannon is the lead, Brendon's directing job becomes a nightmare.

While the play roles are tossed around, Melissa notes she has a deadly allergy to kiwi, and needs to be shot with an epi-pen if she ever does need kiwi. She teaches Junior Addleburg and eventually the entire world how to save her if that time comes. Also, Brendon assigns Coach McGurk a singing role with a catch: he gets to drive his car onstage. Indoors. Meanwhile, Shannon gets in more and more trouble at school, alerting Mr. Lynch. During a rehearsal, Fenton (assigned the role of God, as he calls it, or the techie) yells at Shannon for not properly acting within Fenton's light patterns. Thus results in Fenton being pummeled, and he tattles on Shannon to Mr. Lynch. Mr. Lynch suspends Shannon the night of the play, forcing Brendon to take over the lead role.

During the show, Melissa's character has to take a bite of kiwi pie, but Paula tells her to fake eating it. She accidentally eats a piece, freaks out, and Junior Addleburg tries to save her by shooting the epi-pen, but Melissa learns it's not kiwi, and during the exchange, Junior is shot with the epi-pen. Coach McGurk does his bit somewhat successfully, that is until he drives the car off the stage!

As it seems, Brendon's play is a disaster, until Shannon comes to the rescue, and taking back the lead role, but not before getting revenge on Fenton. Ultimately, Shannon does so well on a musical number that the audience leaves an entire act before the show is over. In retrospect, Brendon decides never to direct a school play ever again.