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Season 1 Episode 6

Director's Cut

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Sep 02, 2001 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Dwayne, Brendon's neighbor, gives him a script for a rock opera based on Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis". While Jason and Melissa love the project, Brendon is against it, favoring his own work "Louis Louis" (where Louis Pasteur meets Louis Braille). Meanwhile, McGuirk has problems with new assistant coach Andrew.moreless

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    I remember watching this on the day Adult Swim premiered: This episode was the very first thing AS aired EVER. In this one, Melissa and Jason want to do a rock opera movie based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis," written by Dwayne. But Brendon isn't interested in it, and instead tries to cancel the project so the group can do "Louis Louis," a crappy project about the fictional meeting between Louis Pasteur and Louis Braille. The creative differences drive Brendon away for a while.

    Also, Coach McGuirk is jealous of his assistant coach Andrew, who is actually a better coach than he is. The team starts to actually win games with Andrew at the helm. So McGuirk plots his revenge to smear Andrew's reputation...

    Great music in this episode.moreless
  • Creative differences arise when Brendon rejects Dwayne's new movie, a rock opera based on Kafka's "Metamorphosis".

    A wonderful episode. We get the opportunity to hear some very interesting music created by the talented co-creator Brenden Small that leaves you wanting to see the entire rock opera. This is also the deepest that we get to see into Brendon our main character. He feels threatened when his best friends profess that they would rather work on Dwayne's opera than his film Louie, Louie. This is one of the few examples of Brendon actually acting like an 8 year old boy. We also would not have a complete show without some McGuirk. McGuirk's fear of the assistant coach was fun to watch and his back and forth with Brendon are always classic. An all-around laugh-fest.moreless
H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Robbins, Various

Janine Ditullio

Janine Ditullio

Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

Loren Bouchard

Loren Bouchard

Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Gnome Appearances: During the first Kafka song, the gnome is in the bed when Dwayne says "Oh look, but there he is, what will he say?". At the end of Kafka there is a gnome on a string (he might represent God).

    • In the scene before the intro, Brendon tilts his head up to drink from his water bottle, and the end of his nose is floating in front of McGuirk.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • McGuirk: Brendon! Move up the field. Don't stand there like an idiot. Come on!
      Brendon: Okay!
      Drew: He's a goalie. He's, uh, playing goalie.
      McGuirk: Oh. Brendon! get out of the goal! Tim, get in Goal! I don't know what's going on, Drew. Time-out! Time-out!
      Drew: Coach, there's no Time outs in Soccer. I mean, You got to wait for the play to stop.
      McGuirk: There's no time-outs?
      Drew: No. No time-outs.
      Mcguirk: In soccer?
      Drew: No. No, it's...
      Mcguirk: I know the game of Soccer, Drew.
      Drew: No, I know, I know You do.
      Mcguirk: Forget the Time-out. Huddle up!

    • McGuirk: Makes me look bad.
      Brendon: Well it does, sort of, highlight a few weaknesses.
      McGurik: Shut up Brendon.

    • (Melissa, Jason, Dwayne and his band are standing near some trees. Brendon appears from behind a tree)
      Brendon: Hey, Melissa, Jason, Dwayne, guys in his band whose names I've never taken the time to learn but will.

    • Coach McGuirk: Hey, Brendon, how come the team never carries me off the field?
      Brendon: We tried, but you were too big.
      Coach McGuirk: (frowning) Excuse me?
      Brendon: I mean, uh…too drunk.
      Coach McGuirk: Yes; yes I was.

    • Brendon: I want the regulars to be here tomorrow because we are going to start on a new project, okay?
      Jason: Am I a regular?
      Brendon: Yes.
      Jason: My pants say irregular.

    • Jason: I like the music.
      Melissa: Yea, the music is great, too.
      Jason: Sometimes it's too loud and then my ears bleed.
      Melissa: Well, Jason, that's because you stand too close to the speakers.
      Jason: I know cause I can't hear it and my ears have too much blood in them.
      Melissa: Gross.

    • McGuirk: (Muttering to himself while spray painting the school.) Why would a guy write all over the wall like this? He'd have to be crazy! Guy like that shouldn't be coaching kids, oh no. No no no. (Laughs to himself, then calls 911.) Ummm, Police, there is a guy spraypainting vulgar things on the west wall of the elementary school, and it's not me. It's this guy, and this is not good for the kids. You should see what he's spraypainting. (Hangs up phone and continues to spraypaint) Hmm? Andrew's involved with the occult. (Police pull up) Holy shit, I just called you! Oh dear. That's ummm, quick reaponse. What? Oh no, it's not me. I found the can the guy was using. And I just picked it- this is... (Chucks the can at the cops and runs)

    • Jason: Brendon, please don't tell me what I think because....
      Brendon: It insults your intelligence?
      Jason: ...I don't know.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Strangers on a Train:
      Brendon tells coach McGuirk; "they could exchange the murders.... criss cross." This is a reference to the Alfred Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train.

    • Tommy:
      The rock opera Dwayne's band plays is very similar in style to the rock opera "Tommy" by The Who.

    • Dwayne's Musical: Franz Kafka!
      As if you couldn't guess, the musical is really based off Kafka and his short story, The Metamorphoses.

    • McGuirk: Maybe I could get rid of Andrew.
      The dialog McGuirk has with Brendon over Andrew is a parody of the criss-cross speech in the Hitchcock movie Strangers On A Train.

    • Brendon: You see, it's called "Louis, Louis."
      The title of Brendon's film is a funny reference to the song "Louie, Loiue" by The Kingsmen.