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Adult Swim (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Focus Grill
      Episode 13
      Brendon, Jason and Melissa hold a focus group on their most recent movies. McGuirk helps Paula by setting up a grill.
    • 3/28/04
      Coach decides to get laser eye surgery, since his vision had always been terrible. After getting the surgery Coach becomes blind ,in which later he becomes a "physic"
    • 3/21/04
      Brendon suspects that his new neighbor is a murderer, while Coach McGuirk is trying to become a bartender.
    • 3/14/04
      When Brendon scores a lucky goal in a soccer game, he runs a foul of Cho, the best goalie in the league. Jason thinks Cho's a bully, Melissa thinks he's hot, but Brendon is caught up in the middle of doing nice things for people and changing their lives. Meanwhile, Coach McGurk relives a competitive catastrophe.moreless
    • Brendon finds a key to Mr. Lynch's test. When he gets the only 'A' Perry, Walter, and Junior find out and blackmail him. Coach gets a speeding ticket and despite "knowing a lot of cops" has to go to traffic school. He mocks the militant teacher and gets caught cheating on a driving test and later talks Melissa into helping him cheat. Jason has a crush on Penny, but Penny thinks that Brendon likes her. Jason stalks Penny; Penny stalks Brendon. Cheaters never prosper.moreless
    • Honkey Magoo
      Episode 8
      Brendan, Jason, and Melissa find a stray puppy and decide to share it with each other. But when "Honkey Magoo" Destroy's Brendan's Movies, His likings for everyone change.
    • Wizard's Baker
      Episode 7
      Annoyed by the latest rock opera film project "Wizard's Baker", Brendon decides to join the Skunk Scouts with Eugene and Junior, humouring Jason and Melissa by saying that he'll advertise the film at the Skunk Wood Derby. Meanwhile, McGuirk buys a collection of swords from the Shop At Your House Network on a whim (while drunk) and wants to return them.moreless
    • Curses
      Episode 6
      Brendon, Jason, and Melissa get in trouble when they make a movie about a foul-mouthed robot.
    • Psycho-Delicate
      Episode 5
      Brendon, Melissa, and Jason make a Hitchcock-style movie for a contest at the video store. Meanwhile, McGuirk trying to pick up a waitress at the diner. Paula gets a bad haircut.
    • Bye Bye Greasy
      Episode 4
      Brendon is put in charge of the school play. While Jason is demoted in the play due to one of Brendon’s old friends, Melissa is worried about her new kiwi allergy, McGuirk is excited to be in the play (mostly in order to ride his car in a building), Paula messes up the background and Fenton takes his position in charge of the lights a little too seriouslymoreless
    • 1/25/04
      Brendon is trying to finish an underwater movie about a Mighty Septopus, Fenton Mewlys gets in the way with his stuck-up fits of frustration. Meanwhile, Paula has trouble breaking up with her new boyfriend, and Coach McGurk joins a training facility, but decides to only work on the Pec Flexor.
    • Camp
      Episode 2
      Brendon, Melissa, and Jason arrive at Camp Campington for a week of learning how to make better movies. But it is a living hell. Meanwhile, Coach McGurk is being chased by a group of "Man-huggers"
    • 11/11/03
      Brendon writes movie reviews for www.MovieWienerOrWinner.com; When Mr. Lynch becomes interim pricipal of the school, Coach McGurk tries to befriend him; Brendon, Jason and Melissa try to attend a movie premier.
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