Home Movies

Season 4 Episode 13

Focus Grill

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Brendon, Jason and Melissa hold a focus group on their most recent movies. McGuirk helps Paula by setting up a grill.

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  • Home Movies is about a 8 yrs. old boy named Brendon (after show creator)who makes home movies with his best friends Jason & Melissa. The show had a array of characters and dealt with certain issues, without ever getting heavy. This show was smart, amazingmoreless

    Focus Grill was the last episode for one of the first & the best shows on Adult Swim. This episode had everything you would ever need: throw up monsters, McGuirk putting a grill together, Walter/Perry/Fenton/, and one of the best endings for any series that didn't involve the characters walking off into the sunset. When Brendon drops the camera and it gets run over, I nearly wept. At first I didn't understand. Was this the end? What is Adult Swim going to do? What's the show going to do? Then I thought about it. Brendon dropping the camera signaled the end of an era and the start of a new life. You want so bad for them to stop and pick up the camera and continue, but you understand that this is the end and that's it. I wish this show had gotten a better deal. I hate how shows are considered critical hits, but still get bumped for reruns of Futurama. This show was one of the first on AS, but it was shipped away to a nursing home like an elderly family member, only to be visited on Thanksgiving. People need to discover this show on DVD & make it a true hit, even if its dead.moreless
  • Not the best episode of the show, but seeing as it's the series finale, we can work with what we had.

    So, in this episode, Brendon, Melissa and Jason decide to finish their first movie, which stayed undone from two years before. They go to their focus group for advice, which quickly turns bad when they quit in the middle of a meeting.

    I hate Fenton. He just comes off as a nuisance after most of the times in which I've seen him, and I don't think he really fits in with everyone else in the show. This episode specifically shows his prima donna ways, and I just think he seems like a jerk. The other members of the focus group, I can live with.

    Anyways, the rest of the episode... I liked the whole thing about finishing the first job, but at around the end things just went downhill. Eventually McGuirk blows up the grill he was attempting to build during the duration of the episode, and Paula takes the gang out for ice cream, on the way to which Brendon drops his camera and it gets run over. I know it may seem like I'm crying over spilled milk, but I just don't think that was the best way to end the show. The guys at Soup2Nuts could have certainly done some kind of full-on finale for the show, like showing Brendon after the series. But, it was a good episode, and the series is already good as-is, so I guess nothing really needed to happen like that.moreless
  • And so here it is the series finale.

    Home Movies episode 52 is titled Focus Grill, and it serves as the last hurrah for this odd little group. Its time to put everything into perspective, accoriding to Brendan who employs the help of a focus group, composed of familar faces, to offer their feedback and honest opinions of Brendan's movies. It turns out the movies really only appeal to Jason Melissa and Brendn because, theyre the ones who worked on them, day after day, the videos were a collaboration of the crazy ideas they come up with together, and the memories they have making them is the foundation for their freindship. Jason, Melissa, and Brendan each have their own style of filmaking, for example Jason likes to do things that are bizzare, wacky, and over the top, where as Melissa is too focused on herself and her image. Brendan is a little more complicated. Brendan's ideas always seem to stem from some one or something hes witnessed.

    Other people simply dont get it, but thats why their home movies, because theyre more than just entertainment or a production theyre a big part of the characters lives.

    This episode demonstrates how diiferent and eccentric each of the characters are, and how un balanced they can be, but when you put them all together you get something that just works. Bottom line, they need each other, like a Mother needs a son, a boy needs a Father, a Father needs a Wife, a Wife needs a Husband, and deep down they realize this. Maybe Brendan will never become a talented filmaker, maybe Jason and Melissa will never star in a movie but, they have a much more important role to play in real life.

    The ending is cute and clever. It fits perfectly.

    a funny and happy ending to a quirky, creative show.moreless
  • Brendan gets a focus group to give criticism on a movie but gets upset when they pan it. Dismayed, they watch their first movie and discover they never finished it. They decide that they'll each create a movie ending and let the focus group pick the bestmoreless

    This was one of the finest series finales ever created for a show that knew its time had come to an end. Most of this is due to the fact that it flows like a normal episode with the entire series brought to a satisfying end in the last five minutes. What I believed to be so appealing in this final episode was the role that Coach McGuirk had in it. It was an unusually large role where he seemed to have a larger tie to the Small family. This seemed to be the way the last season was heading so it did not seem out of place. McGuirk’s lines were the usual simple yet hilarious and stuck in the minds of the viewers. Overall, it may be his finest role ever played in the series.

    What was also quite significant about this episode was that it tied very closely to the real life Brendan Small. They both gave up what they loved in the end because others told them it was any good. They both had to go in a new direction in the end and the parallel really fit in well with the rest of the episode. In the end, it was emotional and stirring (or maybe that was just me). It is just sad to see a wonderful show like this cut off in its prime.moreless
H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Robbins, Various

Janine Ditullio

Janine Ditullio

Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

Loren Bouchard

Loren Bouchard

Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Walter: I have an idea! What if in the end me and Perry...
      Perry: Uh huh.
      Walter: Walk up to the front of the camera...
      Perry: I like it, I like it.
      Walter: And dance like this.

    • Junior: Well, that was not so great, but it was better than that fairy princess bull-s**t.
      Melissa: Hey!
      Fenton: Um, that's not a twist, it's just stupid.
      Jason: Save it for the comment card Fenton.
      Fenton: I'm sorry, but it was bad.

    • Perry: Who does your makeup?
      Melissa: I do!
      Walter: You should have someone else do it... or you should have someone else be in the movie besides you.

    • Brendon: Hold on hold on. Like, HATE? the actual word HATE came up?

    • Brendon: This is gonna sound really weird, guys. Honestly, I don't think our movies should be watched. I have no idea why we make them. All I know is this. We keep coming here after school every single day, and we just keep doing it. And I don't know, and we just do it. And I guess it feels like we should just be doing it.
      Melissa: Wow...What's wrong with us?
      Brendon: I don't know.
      Jason: We're weirdos.

    • ( brendan's ending to their movie )
      Brendon: And we will remain here in our home that we have created from random bicycle parts.
      Melissa: and other things never really meant to be assembled together into a house, with blackend windows but a strong foundation!
      Brendan: Yes! and we will be like out house, together always, no matter if we are somewhat fat

      Jason: Hey!

      Brendon: Or horribly make-uped ( mellissa gives him an angry look ) or asthmatic and rat-like. We will remain here with a strong foundation, together always!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Brendon makes to final phase of the series, "I can go for topest" after that, everyone just says yeah or ok.

    • Clips of movies made in previous episodes are shown at the end of this episode.

    • It's revealed that Brendon, Jason, and Melissa have been making movies since they were in diapers.

    • Brendon's Filmography:
      "Zee Diamonds" - Filmed on location during a soccer game, this film follows a troubled exchange between two spies.
      "Eazy Triker's" - First film by Brendon; ...no real plotline. 3 endings exist:
      Melissa's Ending: The girl in the movie turns out to be Princess Pretty.
      Jason's Ending: The three bikers are attacked by a Throw-Up Monster.
      Brendan's Ending: The bikers decide to settle down and build a home out of their bikes.

    • Brendon and his friends come to the decision that their films should not be watched.

    • This is the 52 and final episode of the series. The 52nd episode is an evaluation point for most Cartoon Network series.

    • At the end of the episode, Brendon accidentally drops his camera out of the car and it is crushed under a moving veichle.


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